Proof I Can't Call The Market, So I Will Just Hodl

in ctp •  2 months ago  (edited)

If ever I needed proof I can't predict the cryptocurrency market today was it. I believed that Bitcoin (BTC) would drop to $9500 shortly and have said so in comments I have made on other people's post.

Well it did, today and I bought at $9508. Just a couple of hours later it was at $8600. That's the problem with market timing, you don't know where the bottom or the top will be. But at these prices I will be buying more if they stay at this level tomorrow. I expect Steem will drop significantly along with BTC.

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Is "hodl" the new "hold"?

Am seeing the term here and there in articles.

Yes. I think someone messed up the word hold and it just stuck.

Just buy and HODL @trafficinsider, like Jon says dollar cost averaging.