Doing A Little Crypto Trading

in ctp •  2 months ago  (edited)

Very little I should be clear about this. Earlier this week at what was the high for the week for BTC I bought some Steem. With the Steem I bought more CTP tokens which I staked giving me just under 22,000 staked. I also bought more CTP Miners (CTPM) raising my total to just under 1,100 Miners and also bought about 100 LEO as a start.

Now that BTC is down I will buy some more bitcoin today.

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Great to here you investing a lot in ctp. Wish i also have that enough of cash to invest that much

Just take it a step at a time. That is one of the nice things about CTPTalk, keep posting and you earn CTP tokens. Stake all you get.

Yea. You are right. I now have 20 ctp staked but gradually it will keep increasing

22,000 STEEM and CTP tokens? 1100 CTPM?? (bugging eyes - lol)

Here I am, shaking out the small shekels from my piggy to purchase a smidgen of STEEM, CTP and even a few CTPM. JUST to get myself involved. Thought I was doing something.

Must be great to be rich. :)

The other day I posted where to get up to $50 in free crypto by answering a few questions. Very few people took me up on that opportunity. It took me about 20 minutes to complete the questions. This was not steem but on the major exchanges. Today that coin crossed 10 cents per. I converted that now $50+ in coin to Etherium and added $20 of my own money I earned online and bought Steem, which in turn allowed me to peg it and buy more LEO, and SPI and, yes, CTP. You don't have to be rich, you just need to take advantage of opportunities when you see them. And keep doing what works for you every day.

Steem platform is still too linked to Steemit Inc, and they are not trustworthy... They have proven being like this over and over again.
When the platform becomes Steemit Inc agnostic we will see a nice pump in the price.

Ahhhh, @joelsegovia, let's all be lemmings with this one. Cough up $5 and take the plunge! (lol)

Wow. 22,000. That must have been a lot you spend in staking