CTP V2.0 Case Study #2 -- Getting Real With A Fresh Set of Eyes

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For this Case Study I am taking a Viral Mailer that has not only plateaued in growth but actually stalled in activity. If I am not doing the promotion then it is not getting promoted. The site in this Case Study is Real Time Adz and, to be very honest, has never received that much attention from me.

I have added Real Time Adz to Mastery Series as well as added Badges. I will also be using the End of Summer Badge Hunt and the Scavenger Hunt for the new promotions.

The Mastery Series has provided a slight increase in Membership so far but the engagement is not as much as I was hoping for to date. I am defining engagement as Members not only reading emails but sending them as well. While the new Members are reading emails only a few are actually sending email, and those few are not yet sending them as frequently as I had hoped. I will have to work on getting Member consistency in taking action.

In addition, I have chosen a different approach and wanted to get a fresh set of eyes on the site and its promotion and decided to use the CTP Owners Market Place to see if I can give it boost.

From the Market Place, I will use two services as a starter. The first is the Exclusive OTO Package.

It is described as "We will create a custom OTO page with a high performing sales video. The sales video will contain custom cartoon animations, music, and converting voice over work. This is for the professional program owner that wants their OTO and Login offers to stick out from the plain jane offers out there right now! This is designed to convert your customers!"

I have opted to create our own video because that is something we do in my business on a regular basis and I am comfortable with the quality of the product we produce.

The second service from the Owners Market Place is Custom Email Series.

It is described as "Nothing converts better than email! So let us write your attention grabbing email series today!
We will write a custom 5 part email series for your website or promotion. This is the perfect solution for professional program owners looking to promote their business or offer!"

I have received this email series and it is very well written and designed to sell. One thing I really like about it is that it is written in conversational style which is the way I write my own emails. Readers will believe the series is from me because it is like my own "voice".

In total, I have a initial outlay of about $700 for the services used in this Case Study.

I anticipate launching the OTO in the first part of September, therefore it is far too early to report any progress but I will update this Case Study as the OTO gets underway. About a dozen sales for the OTO will cover the initial outlay and there is no time limit on when we need to reach those 12 sales. This OTO will be ongoing for all new Members.

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I joined Real Time Adz right after the mastery was posted. I was very exited about there being a mailer introduced to CTP. But as a marketer who uses mailers every single day I was soon disappointed.

1st the graphics. You are advertising "Real Time Adz" with cartoon characters. Seems less than real.

2nd I wanted to get going on the Mastery but there are no emails to read. So far I have only been able to read 32 emails. Part of the problem may be that you only give out 1 mail credit per email read, this is wayyyyyyy below industry standard. Most mailers will give you at least 10 mail credits or more per email for free members and much higher for upgraded members. Many mailers need no credits to mail if you are upgraded to the highest level.

3rd, I sent out an email to 127 members and received only 4 clicks but never got credit for the mailing in the CTP Mastery module.

At this time I don't think an OTO will do you much good. You need to build your base much bigger and get regular daily activity before you go down that road.

I hope you will find my comments helpful. I wanted to give you an honest evaluation of what me experience has been with your mailer. With an industry with thousands of competitors, with out better results your potential members will just move on to a more lucrative mailer.

Thanks for the comments. The 1 credit was an error on my part and should have been 10. I must have missed entered it when I was making adjustments for Mastery, one of the problems with doing too many things at one time.

We can disagree on the theme. I still like it as it represents a retro look for the advertising of 50+ years ago but that contacting people one-on-one via "mail" is still effective. The theme stays.

On your third point, you only sent out 1 mailing to 127 recipients, that counts as one mail not 127. And, by your numbers you got a 3% Click Thru Rate (CTR) which is slightly higher than industry average.

I can agree with you about the theme, that is a matter of a difference of opinion. The way you explain it makes sense.

Is there a minimum number of mails to send in order to get credit in mastery? The reason I ask is because I did not get credit for the 1 mailing I did do.

Also maybe you could change the "To complete this task you must send 25 emails at RealTimeAdz" to something more clear. Maybe to "To complete this task you must do 25 emailings at RealTimeAdz". The way this is written I should have already achieved the first 3 check marks for this section. The progress bar also reinforces the idea that it is for each email sent "0/25 Emails Sent"

I will forward your comments to Blain. I don't get the option of choosing the wording or changing the wording on Mastery, that is something done by CTP.

Nice case study @trafficinsider, keep us updated on the progress.

Amazing case study that @trafficinsider . Very in depth and precisely informative.

Really great to read about this i mustsay