Short and Sweet #4 - Every now and then something comes your way.

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Often, we may hesitate and pass by the door that is easily opened and other times we might just grab the bull by the horns and swing open the door with the gusto of an opera singer in full flight.

When do we know when to take advantage of the doorways we are presented, when do we know when to leave them alone and do we find ourselves thinking, I wish I had’

If you are one of those people that look to the past and wish you had or it could have been. Then grab that bull and open those doors when they present themselves to you.

Even if you are faced with a failed decision you will never know until you try

Some of the most charismatic entrepreneurs out there will often say that if you never fail you never win.

Some of the most successful and prolific ideas people have more ideas than you could imagine, they will often put them out there and if one succeeds out of a 1000 you put out there then you are a winner, and the beauty of those that fail is that one idea feeds into another and things become refined and progressive.

Now that was a tangent, because we are talking about grabbing the opportunity when it presents itself.

So how many of you grabbed some of those great Deals that CTP were just offering, were you brave enough to get want you wanted ?? or are you now saying to yourself I wish I had 😊

Sometimes I fail to make a decision about something, but I am the sort of person that never looks back with regret, I embrace what is before me and take the step towards achieving what I want.

Don’t be afraid, let loose and go for it, you have nothing to lose but everything to learn

I Know this isnt a bull, but it still had small horns :)


Good one

You delivered some really great advice here @russellstockley, regrets are not productive, learning from bad decisions without regret is very productive, and if we don't try we don't learn, and nice that you lead by example and grab the cow by the horns, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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Nice photo! Great insight here. Thanks for the pep talk! ^_^

I like to read your posts, Russell! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us...
And regarding the great deals in life... I'm always looking too much to details and sometime, I miss some great offer when it's important to react fast! I should work on that..

Stuth that pic all it said to me was ooooh There is Russell playing Bull in the Cows paddock.
Good post bloke from you as always.

Good tips and like the image you used for the post

Awesome article Russell, and so true. Only missing the credits: no Russells were harmed in the making of this story!

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