Its all about the tortoise in more ways than one

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I just want to say a few words about the direction people take in their Marketing strategies

I have noticed overall that people will often look at the penny sites to try and make some sort of Income, some mis held belief that these sites require little work with potential large payouts

All I can say is that this is a deluded approach

If you are really serious about making an online income then you really have to treat it like a full time business/job

The successful ones may claim to only have to work X hours per week but in reality they have had to work very hard at getting to a point where they may only have to work the hours they say

Start working a massive amount of hours towards building your business at least for the first six months and then work on your online income for approx. 6 – 7 hours per day 5 days a week and you will start to make in roads into making those bucks that will mean you do not have to struggle from day to day.

An Offline Business sets long term goals, if they do not then they are setting a goal to fail.

All offline businesses will only break even for the first year, they may be lucky to make a small profit in the second year, they should be making a profit in the third year, the fourth year is usually plain sailing and the 5th year is one for growth and future direction .

All Businesses should also have a working budget, be it offline or Online, without a Budget you are not planning to move forwards

Take your business ventures seriously and your business will take you seriously

also, if you see a tortoise on its back, leave it be, it thinks it is flying

Believe and perception is a big plus to actualising your dreams into reality

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that’s a great post man.

so many truths in it.

i have never understood the set it and forget it mentality when building businesses. i wanna be there getting my hands dirty and working with as many people as possible.

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Very true, I have a post ready for the set and forget people, will probably post it tomorrow :)

love it man!!! keep crushing it.

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