What Does FOBE-- Focus on Being Effective Mean When You Are An Affiliate Marketer?

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Happy Saturday!

I wanted to explore that acronym that I heard yesterday in the leadership training I attended and what it means for those of us who work for ourselves at home. We have to manage our time effectively and efficiently even if we are not managing other people.

We only have so many hours in a day to get things done so why not be as efficient as possible. Being productive and not just busy. Creating content, curating content and not just surfing the internet, learning and getting ready to get ready. That is my take on it. Some of us are working jobs outside the home and/or taking care of children and have family events to attend. That can make building a business online very challenging.

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For me, using Click Track Profit to learn Affiliate Marketing is super efficient and effective. We are given short, concise and effective lessons to consume at our own pace. We can apply what we learn right away. This is awesome both for people who are just getting started online or for those of us who have been online for some time and are struggling and not making any money. That was me for a long time. Click Track Profit has given me the ability to focus and it is effective.

That is it for today! We were visiting with family today. But I still wanted to come back and post here. I hope you got some value from it! Have a great rest of your day and see you tomorrow.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Focus on Being Effective, Lisa!
And training lessons are short but very effective... and it's a good thing do them slowly... to absorb as much info and digest them... ;)

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Thanks, Zoltan! I appreciate, as always, the support I receive here. I do my best to pay it forward.