Coastal City - Day 83 - Earned another $17

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Coastal City Journey
Day 83

17 withdraws successful.
Total withdraws received - $400

Every 1-2 days I will post my progress so you can compare and see the possibilities of this great site.

Withdraw as little as $0.02 with Payeer.
The site pays daily!


If you need help don't hesitate to ask me for assistance.

Step 1 - Register.
Step 2 - Buy a Simple House with the 5000 Silver you will get for free.
Step 3 - Place it anywhere on the map to start earning a passive income.
Step 4 - Buy more buildings by making a deposit.
Step 5 - Invite friends/referrals.

It is necessary to make a small deposit of $1 or get a referral that deposits just $1 to unlock withdraws.

Coastal City - Day 83.PNG


i will give it a try,i hope they will consistently pay...

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Great, looking forward to having you on my team ;)

it seems this is an interesting way to earn cryptos...

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Yes, at first I did not take it seriously because it looked like a random game and concept but is has grown on me since and now I am making an average of $15 a day passively. This is a great extra income source.

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