#2020 Vision Pup-Kitty Curls....I Mean BEER!! Day 9!!

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So today is Valentine's Day...duh. I'm sure you all know that. My husband and I have a pretty strong dislike for the holiday. We both feel if you need a special day to show someone you care, well you're an a-hole...Or a Jack-hole, as @jongolson would say.
So we celebrate the same way every year, with some steaks and beers. We feed the kids some heart shape pizza and shoo them away. :)
Tonight, I had a creative wave come over me... Or maybe just a slight alcohol induced buzz and I thought of a way to bring #2020 Vision into my anti-Valentine celebration.
I requested my husband donate to the #Steem #blockchain his last four beers. To drink? No, no.. to use in place of my Pup-Kitty Curls. What a guy!!
He sacrificed the last of his beer for the greater good of everyone here at CTPTalk... Winner, winner, chicken dinner. I found me a good man!!!
Enjoy the day, which is now night. Tell the ones you love how much you appreciate them each day, don't wait for one Hallmark holiday to show them you give a damn.