The importance of Tracking and Analitics

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    If you are advertising anything online you need to know if your ads are being seen and that is were Tracking is important. 

    I use HitsConnect for my Tracking and Analitics. I am upgraded to pro because I believe in Tracking. You dont need to be upgraded but you have less benifits if free member.

   This is how  the main page looks like


     When in members area for the first time you want to go to new campaign and enter your webpage you want to  track like in example below.


      After you put in site and description Then click on save campain and you will go through a site check and confirm it. Then you will get a page that says campaign  successfully created.

    Now all you do is take the tracker link created and put it were you want to advertise and you will start getting hits to your tracker link. here is how it looks when you click My Campaigns

        That shows how many hits i received Today so far and total hits for more stats click the link stats and you will see a more detailed stats page.


     There you can view daily stats weekly stats monthly stats and custom stats. It allso shows were your hits are generated from.

   I hope this guide is helpful.

   Have fun learning new things and sharing. with much success.

   Howard Fullmer

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Excellent presentation of an excellent program. I use Hits Connect everyday so I know how effective my advertising is.

Thank you for good comments

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Great one Howard. You making this a good one to read, and show how you do it, and how this works. And I agree this is one important way! Recommand and shared with the nice bluebird too!! Keep on going!!

Thank you for sharing with the nice bluebird

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Nice presentation Howard!

Thank you

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Great tracker and a great guide for how to use it @howyf2, thanks for sharing and have an awesome day.

You're welcome and thank you for your comment

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I love how you gave a detailed explanation of using that site.

I love how you gave
A detailed explanation
Of using that site.

                 - cinbelbiz

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Good article Howard. You took the mystery out of tracking with your step by step approach so new members will understand easily.

Thank you I am hoping to use this blog platform to help downline or anyone else that could use it

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Tracking is really very important @howyf2, and you have made an amazing guide for how to start with it, it's awesome.

This post is AWESOME!

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Thank you

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