Click Track Profit's Scavanger Hunt

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I Like the new Scavanger Hunt. The purpose is to surf traffic exchanges to find Lukeluke-orange.png
In order to find link you go to click track profit find extras and scavanger hunt is in there it will show a map like this.
when you look at the map you will see were luke is currently and if you click on him it will tell you which traffic exchange to surf and how many pages to surf.

After you finish there you will find Luke 2019-08-07 (1).png

enter your user name were it tells you and he will tell you which traffic exchange to go to Next.
2019-08-07 (2).png

Keep surfing the Traffic exchanges until you find Luke for the final time.

Then you go back to the scavenger hunt map and start again by clicking the big green circle.

Have fun and enjoy the scavanger hunt I know I do :)
Howard Fullmer

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Great blog post and little how to for the scavenger hunt! I can't wait until we start getting more and more sites into this!

yes I think it will become better and better over the months to come looking forward to see how it grows

Found the post you mentioned! It's clear now! Seems so much fun now that I understand properly. Can't wait to go hunt! Thank you keep it up!

Glad you found it :)

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interesting.. going to try to find time to try this out

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Nice one Howard, I can like this new "Game" too... it sometimes take a little to much of my time...but on the other side, it is allso a good way to get your ads seen. So all in all, its a fun and good one. And so was your Blog!!

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