Holidays - Never in affiliate marketing

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I am expecting a sunny day on my holidays. But you know when it comes to affiliate marketing and #ctp you should try and never take a day off. Even if you only spend 5 minutes to do a bit, make a blog post for example.

Some quick updates on my morning. I see #Steem is recovering $0.162931 USD (2.82%). Bitcoin is up a little bit $9,552.19 USD (0.86%). All good.

I have in a past post talked about Jimmy Kimmel and what he did, even if it was not his orginal plan, for promotion of Dildo, Newfoundland. Well on my holidays I am about 45 minutes from the town and hoping to go there and post a few pics.

My plan is to get my pic taken with this sign:

dildo town sign.jpg

And thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, Dildo has an Holly Wood inspired sign now. Hope to get close and pic with it.


What am i hoping for? Some inspiration in my marketing... Help me go towards my goals harder. And to keep working my daily #ctp business and my #steem blog posting.

Have a great day all.....


P.S. for now CTP members my link to join is on the top of my profile ;)

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No time Toulouse! :)

You are so close to Dildo... :)