Visual C# : How To Create Winforms Project using Visual Studio

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Learn How To Create Winforms Project using Visual Studio. Check out the below video to learn how to use Winforms using Visual Studio Professional IDE.

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How to create Windows C# Forms Application in Visual Studio?

When it comes to desktop apps on Windows, you can use the C# Forms Application projects from the Visual Studio Code. This IDE helps you to simply drag and drop the component and get yourself started on the forms applications. It's also one of those easy to use IDEs which speed up the development.

When you create the project in Winforms C#. You get the idea for creating the common controls on the forms. And then you can use the logic in between the controls and work the application. For example add the button controls and then get the button to perform some sort of action. If you have ever used Visual basic, then I am sure you would learn how to make use of the Windows forms C# application pretty easily.

vistual studio forms cshap.png

Image credit: Visual Studio 2017 Blog

Here you can see in the image that it's visual studio 2017 classic skined display. It shows the forms and the controls on the left hand side.

It takes some time to get used to the desktop based application. But after a while you can get pretty comfortable with the idea of the forms and the controls.

I hope that this tutorial article helped. Don't forget the view the video above completely to learn the concepts.

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