Centralized cloud storage and blockchain - is such a symbiosis possible?

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Aloha, pirates!

How often do you think about the security of your information on the internet?

From time to time I get the idea to bury all my treasures somewhere on an uninhabited island so no one can ever find them.

But in this case, I will have to draw a map in order not to lose my treasures forever. But how, in that case, to protect the map? It turns out an eternal cycle, from which it is very difficult to get out.

And you know what? Seems I have found the way to protect my treasures from competitors, saving myself from the bunch of chests, locks, keys, maps… You know what I mean.

Under "treasures", I mean information. Its value is growing steadily and it is unlikely that information will lose its value in the future.

I’m going to present you the project Cryptyk!


The system is a cloud storage that will safely store your data. Cause data security will be supported by the blockchain. In general, the technical part is based on the two main components


This platform is responsible for storing your data in an encrypted form. VAULT uses a limited degree of decentralization through several dedicated storage nodes. Used Google Drive, Amazon S3, Apple iCloud, Microsoft Azure, Box, Dropbox, and Rackspace.

VAULT Features:

  • The platform divides each file into several encrypted parts that are separately stored by independent cloud storage vendors.
  • Encryption keys that open access to each individual part of the file are stored on users' devices with fingerprint access and in the standalone, standby and decentralized CODEBOOK database map.
  • The platform reduces the likelihood of attacks by 90%. Even in the event of a security breach by any cloud storage vendor, attackers will only gain access to a small useless portion of any saved file

The VAULT platform eliminates the significant risk of using third-party cloud storage vendors. In addition, if the virus software is loaded, the virus exists only in the form of several parts that can not interact with each other. Consequently, VAULT is also passively immune to virus threats. Nevertheless, the distributed file storage platform is still vulnerable to internal sources and to threats that are based on the surveillance of communications between individuals. However, internal threats are usually not relevant to individual users, and threats of interception of data are still a major vulnerability.


Cryptyk will develop a security system SENTRY.

The main tasks of SENTRY:

  • Data management, logical processing, data analysis and encryption
  • Providing a connection between the COMMAND user interface and the three decentralized components of the VAULT platform (for file storage), PASSPORT (for recording user activity and files in the log), and CODEBOOK (for file/database backup)
  • Consensus management Proof of Security
  • Ensuring responsible management of the CTK ecosystem to stimulate all participants of the CRYPTYK platform, including corporate clients, users, partners, developers, investors, and miners.

SENTRY manages all encryption, data validation, data analytics, synchronization, is responsible for messaging, auditing, preventing data leakage.

Therefore, the backend acts as an additional level of security.

Most importantly, the backend also manages the CTK system, is responsible for customer purchases, payments for mining, developer payments, strategic partnership payments, and is the exchanger of two crypto-currencies (such as Ethereum and bitcoin) and fiat (for example, the US dollar and euro) on the CTK token.


When buying a full hybrid platform CRYPTYK (containing VAULT, SENTRY
and PASSPORT storage components), enterprise customers first test the platform and then can choose the various functions of a custom package ranging from $20 to $30 per user per month with 1TB of files. It is assumed that this will be cheaper than traditional solutions.
Moreover, it is a more complete security solution. Compared to file storage, such as Sia and Filecoin, where only block system is used, the CRYPTYK hybrid approach offers significant improvements in security issues, ease of use of the platform and cost structure.

CTK token

Operations on the platform are carried out using the Utility-Token CTK. CTK tokens serve as a fuel for the CRYPTYK system and allow platforms to interact with each other to ensure the system is fully operational for the safe storage of client's information.



By offering a comprehensive security solution, the project has several important advantages. Using several nodes, it increases the stability of the system to the impact of hackers.
Although, in other situations, the use of third-party services was the reason for criticism, in this situation it does not affect the security of the system, since none of the third-party companies has access to the whole file.
It remains only to hope that the team will manage to implement the plan and our treasures will be safe!

Cryptyk website: https://www.cryptyk.io/
My Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1313020
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Me and some friends are working on https://nebulus.app . The idea is a decentralized way to earn steem by hosting files on IFPS filesystem. https://discord.gg/9azJp68

This will be interesting

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@kayceefresh Are you interested in it?

Will. Look into it and see if I can squeeze out time for understand how it works better

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Thx man! Have a look on my website too https://dozarplati.info