Cryptotab browser- earn bitcoin while surfing

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As you know im not usually posting stuff other the "Support minnows" blogs but Im so excited about this I have to say something about this:

Pcs today are very strong and we hardly use them with full potential. especially when we use them to only surf the web.

if you start using Cryptotab broweser you can start earning bitcoin while you surf ! Cryptotab will actually mine you XMR which will be translated to bitcoin .

you can set how much hash power you want to allocate for it with the slider at the bottom.

The real power of earning here is through a robust referral system that will pay you a percentage of the mining of everyone who signed up under your ref link

this is an example of how much you can earn if only 5 users signed up under you and 5 users signed up under each and every one of them:

Please use my link to signup:

I will be extremely thankful if you do :)


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I will definitely check it out. Never knew there was something like this, I have been missing out in a lot of things but this won't pass me by. Thanks


this one is hard to get
but not a scam.
that's the point.

@yoo1900 i just sing up with your like this is look so cool

I registered using your link immediately I saw it on your post yesterday, I did not bother to think about it. Why should I? When it's coming from you @yoo1900.

Thanks for the great information.

information is power

This is cool idea to get a passive income. But, it is difficult to engage so many people with us.

Wait a minute !!

Are you kidding me? BTC by surfing? and I spend 20 of my 24Hrs online

Wow !! Technology is life!!
I will definitely give it a fucking try!

Is it really authentic? if yes, I'm gonna do it right now, @yoo1900.

P.S I really appreciate your work for minnow support!

I have hp 4530s, will it work? 4 gb ram.

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yes! you can see tons of proofs on youtube and alot of strategies to earn more bitcoin with it. I would have posted about it if it wasnt legit


Thanks for this response.

Please can it work on any pc?
Or do you know if a window PC of 4g RAM would do?


I believe you! No need to see on youtube etc.
Thank you for telling about it. going to set up it right away.

I recommend really researching this before installing on your browser. I am not saying this does however any browser add on or extension can see everything you do in your browser including keying in passwords and copying private keys. I wouldn’t be so quick to rush to adding this to my browser without a code review.

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Something very intetesting and outside you daily zone @yoo1900 eaening while net surfing..👍

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Is it only available for pc
Can we use it on smartphone
Lol,this is really the first time i have seen you posting like this....

I know that you never posted something aside from supporting minnows and I trust you on this one. Done and thank you. Just download mine, Steem On.

Amazing mining

Wow,great updates.Thanks for sharing,you r always fantastic .

Awesome, I will be registering with your link once I'm on my pc.

How much did you manage to collect. Its really damn slow even on a good PC. And from what ive seen here, you need 625 active people using the tab every day. Since i used your referral link im giving you a part of my earnings but you need 625 people like me that use the browser just to say you earn something. This is a pyramid scheme but it actually works. You just need a bunch of people. haha

This is something very interesting, we always appreciate what you are doing and we believe this is best for us and you, thank you for sharing and this is for us something very precious and noble

Wow... First time I can feel @yoo1900 actually talking. This must be worthwhile.
Let me say weldone and thank you again for all you do. God bless you.

Can this cryptolab work on a mobile phone or its only on PC?