Cryptotab Partner Program Orangepie Earn $2 per FREE install

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Cryptotab has a new partner program they are calling Orange Pie. This is a separate sign up and is essentially a branch of Cryptotab. It works similarly to Cryptotab's existing affiliate program, however if you get new install from these 4 countries:

United Stares
United Kingdom

You will earn mining commissions for members from other countries , However if you refer members in any of those 4 countries mentioned about you will get $2 per install, plus earn up to 10 levels deep.

Even if you don't want to refer anyone, I encourage you to check out Cryptotab as they have made adjustment to the mining algorithm and drastically increase the earnings you can make. You do NOT have to refer to get paid , but you will earn a lot more with active referrals.

If you are already a member of Cryptotab you still need to sign up separately to the partner program. you can sign up at any of the links posted here.

This post contains affiliate links. If you join under one of these links I may earn a commission from your activity. Photo courtesy of Cryptotab's promo resources


Lol is this ponzi still going?

It is not a ponzi. Ponzis rely on new members paying in to pay out existing members. No one pays anything to use Cryptotab . It does have an optional referral mlm structure, but is not by definition a ponzi. You can get paid without referring anyone and without making any type of purchase (there is nothing to buy here). I know because I have been paid when I had no referrals.. And yes it is still going and still paying. :)

Just because you get paid doesn’t make it not a Ponzi all Ponzi schemes pay people but it’s far from the majority being paid!

You don’t pay in money, you pay in resources!

If a system relies only on adding new users it’s Ponzi to pay others it’s a Ponzi!

I agree that just because you get paid doe not necessarily mean something is not a ponzi (in general)It doesn't rely on new users. Like I said I have gotten paid without referring. You do not have to refer / bring new people in order to earn or get paid. You can earn and get paid on your own.Referring new users is optional. Local business here also pay for referring customers, that doesn't make them a ponzi. Does Cryptotab want more users? Of course they do. All businesses do. Businesses advertise all the time to get new customers but that doesn't make them a ponzi.

Yes you can earn by yourself however the business is build on a refferal system that is its main or rather only source of revenue is another sucker! If your revenue is over 60% refferal of new users to lend resources you are more or less a Ponzi

If they had alternative forms of revenue like an ad network or purchasing goods and services like ad space in their browser I’d understand but it’s only about getting more people to lend them resources!

Yes you’re getting paid but what you spend in resources is not worth what you get back in BTC and yes you can say you HODL’ing but you paying far over what you receive in market value! That also won’t change should Monero go higher in price since all they are doing is mining Monero and then on the front end giving you BTC

I have no problem with you supporting the network you are free to choose what you want! I would just like to provide an alternative view should anyone else read your post they should know all the facts before diving in

I appreciate your opinion even if I do not agree with everything you said. Thank you for expressing yourself in a professional manner. I respect that.

Actifit which you promote heavily, has a referral program that pays users to refer new members. So by your definition they must be a Ponzi as well.

Read my other answer, should answer this one too