Once Upon A Time

in cryptos •  2 years ago  (edited)

And our future Generation stories be like......Once upon a time there used to be Banks where people used to do money transactions and banks used to charge for every f****ing transaction. And there entered Cryptos with Block Chain Technology and banged Banks forever😁😁😁
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Well the transaction fees definitely aren’t true for bitcoin right now... once we get onto a better crypto as the main currency THEN we’ll be better.

Ya...I agree. Bt itz all about cryptos like $NEO, $STEEM etc which can be transferred instantly with Zero charges.!!

I wish this day comes soon ;)

You're always awesome article
Thanks for sharing

Too good.....

Thanks a lot😊😊👍

I hope your story comes true very soon :)

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Ha ha ha. That would be great story.