McAfee Freedom Coin, $10 of Free EOS, Futures Trading Record, Justin Sun $4.5m Dinner

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For the free course head on over to to learn more.
A bit of a crypto price pullback today, plus another news round up.

Binance is ready to launch a Pound-based stablecoin
If you want to earn yourself some free EOS
Open Positions on Chicago Mercantile Exchange Bitcoin Futures Hit Record High
Crypto Exchange Bits Of Gold Wins Supreme Court Battle Over Bank Block
The founder of the TRON blockchain, Justin Sun has won a $4.5m bid to have dinner with Warren Buffet's Local Bitcoin Cash Marketplace Is Now Open for Trading
Telegram-Based Crypto Wallet Button Adds Fiat Buy-In Capability
John McAfee To Roll Out ‘Freedom Coin’ Cryptocurrency This Fall


Here is earn EOS link :D, you need to fill in KYC questions, should be easyer for already Coinbase customers ...

Thanks ... Dinner? He just had ice-cream ...

Coinbase Earn is simply an excellent feature. You really do get an informative short video and the immediate reward for answering a simple question. I believe that you can still get EOS, BAT and XLM. For now, all ZEC and ZRX have been claimed.
Love the story about Justin Sun meeting with Warren Buffet. It's already a win-win. San Francisco homeless get help from the charity and a discussion is taking place between a major figure in the crypto world and a traditional finance guru who is well respected and not in favor of crypto. A discussion opens the door for all new thinking. That alone is worthwhile; nothing concrete need emerge.

Good news picks! Thank you CC!
Got my $10 of EOS

Will be nice to be fly on the wall during the dinner with Warren Buffet😁

got my $10 in EOS.... Go EOS

Why aren’t making YouTube videos my friend?

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