CryptoKitties Lotto Winners! 15 ETH Kitty what!?&*Kitty Price is Right Giveaway!

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Congrats to the winners of the CryptoKitty Lotto @bitton picked 685 and the Kitty # was 472661. The winner up prize goes to @consider who guessed 628. Good job guys here are your Free Kitties and .

State of the Litter

Someone bought a poop Gen-0 Jaguar for 15 ETH. Why I do not know , maybe it was an accident. It has thrown off the sale price stats, so its hard to tell how the market is doing. Gen-0's with super rare traits are selling for .11 Eth at the time of writing so I don't know what that person was thinking.

The Kitty Price is Right

We are having another Kitty Price is Right. Here is our contestant Kitty All entries before the Kitty is sold will be valid. The closest guess without going over wins the contestant kitty. To enter, follow, resteem, upvote and comment with the price in ETH that you think this kitty will sell for , and your CryptoKitties Litter Wallet Address.


I will go with 0.2

I think its probably 0.02 ETH!!!!!!

0.08 eth

Better take a look at this
My guess .104



0.109 ETH


I love kitties!

no idea tbh! ill go with 0.0950

I love the variation of contests that you bring to your steemit page! I guess .1 ETH

here is my address: 0x5c864ea94672d3e589c84a52458d58fc954b0826

Thanks again! :)


I can't believe someone spent the equivalent of $16k on a freakin virtual cat. What kind of world are we living in?

And when can I get some of these virtual cats?

My thoughts exactly. And perfect meme haha!

I read on reddit that the sale is probably someone selling it to their other account, so they'll be able to sell it for a higher price, or it's the devs trying to up the prices

Oh dear. Love to see your post. Again you are back here with a great contest. congratulations to the winner.
Thanks to you for creating this type contest that makes me happy. Love you dear @brittuf

congrates to the winners. kitty you are Great man

Is there a reason why you have a monopoly on cryptokitty giveaways?
As in like do other people do this or you're the only one?

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nice post :)

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Congratulations winners.

Congratulations guys

i like this game

Nice post.....

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LOL I guessed 628 Also... Must have guess too late, and had no idea someone else had already picked that number.

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This is much better than that other kitty!



0.1051 ETH