Gofind XR | Extended Reality Browser and Platform on Blockchain Technology

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Extended Reality XR is a new technology in its early stage and yet to be fully exploited with a huge market opportunity. It is the combinations of Virtual Reality VR and Augmented Reality AR. Extended Reality is a next-generation technology that has the potential for general consumption not just the gaming industry. These combinations have a futuristic concept created for various sectors and industries which affects our lives positively. It is being used in Education, Healthcare, Medicine, Retail, Architecture, Science, and Design.

A new disrupting project using Extended Reality technology and the decentralized blockchain protocol has emerged. The project has created a next-generation geolocation web browser that combines real life and virtual sensation using the smartphones technology and wearables. This project is the Gofind XR project which uses Augmented Reality (AR), Augmented Virtuality(AV), Virtual Reality(VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in finding earth’s geolocation coordinates using the XR Web internet.

About Gofind XR Web

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The Gofind geolocation XR project has produced a new category of internet web called the XR Web. XR Web is created on the Ethereum blockchain technology and InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). This internet web is different from Web 2.0 with its 2D (two-dimensional) applications that make it the possibility for users to share social media contents in an easy way. The XR Web uses an improved Web 3.0 internet that avails a new wave of networking protocol. It turns the XR Web internet into P2P decentralized networking technology that is trustless. The XR Web is in line with Tim Berners-Lee and Web 1.0’s original architects which was entirely made up of web pages connected by hyperlinks. Users can look but can not impact or alter the content thereby creating trust and security.

The Gofind XR project has built a decentralized blockchain protocol that has harnessed Extended Reality to the cryptocurrency economy by building the XR Web 3D internet platform. It has created a virtual world that is similar to the realities of the real world. It allows users to remain connected to the physical world while they explore and experience the virtual world at the same time using smartphones or smart glasses. The XR Web platform utilizes the XR token for all transactions and experiences. Users can generate passive income on the Gofind XR platform. Currently available is Gofind’s XR Browsers for IOS and Android phones. Users get to experience 3D XR from their mobile devices.The Gofind XR smart glasses will be released within the next two years and is designed to look like our normal sunglasses.

What is Gofind Extended Reality Web?

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Gofind XR Web platform is a 3D geolocation internet web that provides digital estate connected to geo-coordinates on a blockchain. It combines AI, AR, AV, VR, and decentralized blockchain technology. The platform is mechanized by the cryptocurrency the XR coin. The only acceptable mode of payment on the platform. It is used for all transactions on the platform.

The Gofind XR platform offers a digitalized extended reality land and anyone can be a landowner. The XR token holders are the virtual landlord on the XR Web. Revenue earned from advertisement and transaction fees is shared with XR token holder thereby making them earn passive income. Users can also stake their XR tokens for rewards.

Components of Gofind XR Web Ecosystem

1.XR Browser

The Gofind XR Web browser will provide a camera-based mobile interface according to the spatial location. This will allow the XR Web users to view, focus, monitor hundreds of locations or element of interest on the XR Web internet directly. The XR Web browser is created to give the user the best user experience during browsing at any time using smartphones with IOS and Android operating systems. The XR browser will transit to smart glasses soonest. The XR browser is are denoted by “ xttps://”

2. XR Web

The XR Web is created using the 3D internet and blockchain technology to access the earth's geolocations coordinates for the digitalized estate. It makes available hundreds of digital lands, associated digital assets, and applications created by numerous developers. The XR lands are owned by XR token holders which they can sell, lease, bid or exchange to generate income.

3. XR Token

The XR token is the cryptocurrency used on the Gofind XR platform. It is the means of making payment for transactions and receiving rewards on the Gofind XR Web platform. The tokens can also be exchanged or traded on Bancor or P2Pb2b cryptocurrency trading market place.


The XR DNS is like the XR Web address book where domain names are stored or translated to IP addresses. It is used to easily locate an XR web browser from any geolocation. The XR web browsers start with “xttps://” thereby making it easy to interact and load the XR web internet resources.

5. XR Lens Store & SDK

The XR lens and SDK are created to seamlessly blend the digital and real world. It is used to transform the user's virtual experience while still connecting to the physical world. The XR lenses are created using SDK in Unity and Javascript for the best XR effects from smartphones and smart glasses.

6. XR Ads engine

XR Ads has an open source application where marketers can place adverts and generate revenue. The revenue earned is shared with the developer of the application. Adverts can be viewed virtually while having a virtual experience and on the web browser of the Gofind XR Web.


The Gofind XR internet Web is creating a new internet using blockchain technology. It provides a digital XR land where token holders are landowners. The XR token holders can bid, sell, lease, stakes or trade their XR tokens to generate passive income. Other XR applications are made available by extended reality developers which when an advert is placed by marketer and revenue generated. The revenue is shared with the developers thereby creating income for numerous developers. The XR tokens can be exchanged on the external trading platform of Bancor and P2Pb2b.

For more detailed information on the Gofind XR Web project . Visit reference links

Website: https://gofindxr.com

Whitepaper: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2po81s5amqscfjf/WP_English_revised_Feb5%20(1).pdf?dl=0

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xrwebnetwork

Twitter: https://twitter.com/xrwebnetwork

Telegram: https://www.t.me/gofindxr

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