Hey, how's the freedom engineering coming? I saw your post on the shark gig. Awesome idea.
Yeah, Steem is at an interesting place. I have an order in for a little lower than here too.
I'm excited about this one too. Hopefully we'll be enjoying the results nicely. I don't expect it to do as well as Bitcoin, in spite of it being very similar in quantity. BTC enjoys first mover status. But even if it does a fraction as well, as long as these miners give us a decent number of coins, we should be happy with the results.

Has Zcash mining started yet? On Genesis Mining I am not able to keep the mining allocation to Zcash. Every time i refresh it reverts back to the bitcoin default.

Yes Steem Sharks is happening. My next step is to recruit Steem Sharks. Thanks. I already have two pitches sent in.

Did you get the confirmation email? As of 9am (not sure what time zone) the miners were cranking away.
Today's price volatility was crazy. Someone posted a pic that claimed that the first block went fast to just one miner - cha-ching! Someone had a good day.

I posted a link to my Haiti idea in the comments. Wasn't sure if it was seen.

I'm not sure on the mining, as to what time it'll start. I did see that buying is closed now. A friend tried to get in this morning and the option was gone.

Since they're ramping up very slowly, I wouldn't expect to see much over the next few days. Of course, we could be pleasantly surprised. :)

As for the allocation, are you in the right miner? Along the top you see some blue boxes. You must have the Zcash one selected in order to assign Zcash allocation. I don't know their formulas, so I just leave it at 100% Zcash. Right now there are no other options for Zcash mining anyway, though I'd expect that to change in the not-too-distant future.

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