#AirDrop 1,065,076 POW 'lite', POW TOKENS The first global currency Currently Worth 100$

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 powtoken.com is a The first global currency Offering 1,065,076 POW 'lite' in a AirDrop to each user .Get your self Login with facebook and get Pow Lite Tokens Worth 100$.

Credit : Twitter

 Over 92 billion POW has been claimed in the 21 hours since launch, with a  market value of over $90 million USD! 

Claim your Pow Lite as soon as possible as the price is going down with the time 

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This requires that you allow them to get your Facebook profile information, your email address AND your list of friends.

Are people really that gullible that they'll sell their friends out to get a bite of an virtual pie?

waiting for more from you aqeelmalik! keep motivating!

@aqeelmilk how to be part of it?