Cryptocurrency market cap chart sounds familiar from... The Simpsons?

in cryptocurrency •  8 months ago


We all know about the mountains in the crypto market cap chart....

crypto cap.png

The first mountain (~June 2017) was probably propeled by Ethereum. Whether you like it or not, Ethereum attracted many developers and introduced the concept of general contracts into practice. At that time, the chart looked like the first picture.

After a while, we saw...


But then in January:


My guess is that this last mountain was propeled by EOS. Why? Well, first, the price of EOS climbed much more than BTC and ETH during that rush (from under $1 to higher than $15). That started exactly when the public testnet was launched. Of course, that event attracted many new developers to the ecosystem. Some big players that weren't before into blockchain (check announcements for more details).

So in that case.... let's prepare for the actual mountain....

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