Pewdiepie & Ellen talking crypto: entering 2nd stage of adoption?

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago 

Both YouTube star Pewdiepie and TV star Ellen Degeneres talked about cryptocurrencies. They weren't possitive nor negative about it, but the good thing is they are spreading awareness. The more influential people talk about it, the more people will get comfortable with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. This enforces my feeling that we are entering the second stage of adoption. While right now we are in the first stage of "innovators (2%)" we might have the second wave of people coming in, the "early adopters (13.5%)". If this happens, we will see a very good price increase the next few years.

My own opinion.

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Seeing Both and many more celebrities' start the conversation and education is a great sign of adoption, i like hearing about it on mainstream news outlets, i think this year will have more adoption than previous ones.

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Hi Quinten, sorry if i misspelled your name, could you please give us an update on the Cargo X token