How to Encrypt the XTRABYTES Wallet

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Security is crucial with cryptocurrencies. This tutorial explains how to encrypt and safeguard your XBY Wallet. This same process works on most other coins as well.

Step 1

Run the wallet

Step 2

Go to Settings and click Encrypt wallet


Step 3

Make sure that you use a strong password. Doing so will keep your coins safe. Do NOT lose or forget this password. This action cannot be reversed.

Choose a strong password and record it.


Confirm the encryption? Click Yes.


Next click OK. Let the process complete.



Step 4

The next time you want to send coins, you will have to enter your password

Deselect "For staking only box"

unlock_wallet (1).jpg

Afterward: Make a new backup after you have successfully encrypted your wallet.

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And don't forget to backup your wallet as well. You will get a .dat file, which you can store on a USB or online!

I hope this tutorial will help @xtrabytes adoptors. Thank your for sharing!

I'm also posting content about crypto space and I'd really want you to join my journey. I strongly believe you can find a lot of valuable pieces of information!