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Best Ethereum Wallet

For some time now, there have been a huge number of cryptocurrency wallet all around the internet. This could be attributed to cryptocurrency adoption. Developers are trying their best to build wallets that would make managing crypto as easy as possible.

Ethereum is a public blockchain based distributed computing platform with smart contract as a side product. The Ethereum network allows up and coming project to deploy their token and utilize their smart contract feature. Recent years has seen several blockchain projects that have been built on the Ethereum network with most of them having their own native tokens that conform to the ERC-20 standards. Apparently, there are a lot of tokens in the market and as so such people in the crypto space need a better and fascinating way to store and manage their assets. This is where Atomic Wallet comes in play.

Atomic Wallet is a multi-asset wallet for all your crypto needs. The wallet has an intuitive interface which is preferable for a newbie to manage their Ether (Ethereum’s native token) and other top cryptocurrencies. With Atomic Wallet, users have access and own their private keys. This means you are solely liable for the loss of your private key because atomic wallet doesn’t store your keys. Users are also able to secure store and manage Ethereum base tokens by adding them as custom tokens. In addition, Atomic Wallet has an exciting feature like the atomic swap where different parties are able to exchange cryptos without intermediaries. They also have third-party exchanges for easy trading of cryptos. Most importantly they offer users the ability to buy cryptocurrencies with their bank cards.
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Let’s take a closer look

As a crypto holder, you would definitely send cryptocurrencies most of the time. With atomic wallets intuitive interface you can seamlessly send cryptos from your phone or desktop. The entire process is simple and fast. You can also send Ethereum based tokens but requires you to have small ether in your wallet. To send, you need to click the “send” icon and specify the amount plus recipient address. When done enter your password and click on the “send” button.


After setting up your account, you will be provided with an address for each coin supported by the wallet. Ethereum based tokens share the same wallet address as the ether. You can request payment by giving out your crypto specific address to friends, clients and family to receive crypto. All that you need to do is click on your address to copy the address or use the QR code.


Atomic Wallet also offers diverse ways to exchange cryptocurrencies on its platform. Let say you want to exchange your bitcoin for Ethereum, the atomic swap functionality which works like a p2p exchange will help you exchange your asset without hustle. Alternatively, you can use their third-party partners for an instant crypto exchange like Changelly and ShapeShift.
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Interestingly, you can also buy cryptocurrency on Atomic wallet. This is outstanding, an all in one solution for the crypto industry. This service is supported by Simplex - the largest EU licensed card processing company. When it comes to buying cryptocurrencies with credit cards Simplex is always ahead. In order to buy cryptos with a bank card, you will need to verify your identity and complete the purchasing process. Once your bank approves the payment, your purchased crypto should hit your account in a couple of hours or less. This is the safest and fastest way to buy cryptocurrencies.
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