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Best Bitcoin Wallet

The Atomic wallet product is a dependable and decentralized solution for the custody-free cryptocurrency trading. There is a chunk of bitcoin wallets in the market now and one may be thinking why there need for another bitcoin wallet. The answer is simple, Atomic Wallet goes beyond being a wallet. That has incorporated useful features in conjunction with a usual crypto wallet to make crypto experience much fascinating. Atomic wallet comes with an intuitive user interface and supports over 300 digital assets including Bitcoin and most of the tops coin you can think of. It comes with external third-party exchanges for swift trading of cryptos and a feature to allow users to buy bitcoin with their bank cards.

Below is an explainer video to help you with your crypto journey. I hope it becomes useful and the credit goes to the Atomic wallet team.
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Atomic Wallet Features

Send: As all crypto wallet has this feature, Atomic wallet is no exception. This feature is available on both the Android app which can be downloaded on Google playStore and the desktop app which can also be download from their official site ( The process is simple and straight forward. From your assets window locate the send icon on the bitcoin section, enter the amount you wish to send, recipient bitcoin address and your wallet password. Click on the “Send” button whenever you are ready to send and wait for the bitcoin to confirm your transaction. Make sure you have enough funds to cover both the amount being sent and bitcoin network fee. You can also check your transaction history as well.

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Receive: Users can also receive and manage their bitcoin on Atomic wallet. In order to receive bitcoin from friends and families, you need to copy your public bitcoin address and send it to your payer. This can be achieved by clicking on your bitcoin address to copy the address to the clipboard or use the QR code option. Once your payer sends, it going to take a couple of minutes for it to reflect which is dependent on the bitcoin’s network congestion.
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Exchange crypto: Atomic Wallet also offers multiple, easy and fast ways to exchange cryptocurrencies on their platform. Assuming you want to exchange your bitcoin for Ethereum, the atomic swap functionality which works like a p2p exchange will allow you to swap/exchange your asset without hustle. Alternatively, you can make use of their third-party partners for an instant crypto exchange like Changelly and ShapeShift.
Complete tutorial here

Buy Crypto: Atomic Wallet offers users around the world the opportunity to buy and manage bitcoin in the wallet. This is amazing and groundbreaking! An all in one solution for the crypto industry. This service is proudly made possible by Simplex - the largest EU licensed card processing company. When it comes to buying cryptocurrencies with credit cards Simplex is always ahead and widely used. In order to buy cryptos with a bank card, you will need to verify your identity and complete the purchasing process. Once your bank approves the payment, your purchased crypto should hit your account in a couple of hours. This is the safest and fastest way to buy cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, this feature is only available in the desktop version, however, the team have plans to include it in the mobile version in due course.
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