The Kind of Token I am Interested In Creating

in cryptocurrency •  11 months ago


I want a token that has many perks and privileges for holding onto it. Essentially I want tokens that are valuable - that give me privileges that accommodate a world class lifestyle.


I am easily satisfied with the very best (Winston Churchill)

I want a token that accommodates the best travel and amenities.

I want a token that covers my expenses.

I want a token that is networked so well, everything is hooked up.

I want a token that creates an All Inclusive Lifestyle.

I want a token that takes care of my gear.

I want a token that has an active community.

I want a token that supports and accommodates world class cuisine.

I want the best of everything.

i will what i want.jpg

By creating a token on the basis of an All Inclusive Lifestyle - We open up a new way of Living, Travelling, Playing and Working.



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So when do you go live? I want some!!


Summer 2018 is the plan.

  • much work to be done in the mean time

  • don't worry you'll get the inside scoop - a real hook up :)

steem on @grizgal

Cheers @worldclassplayer

2018 let's make it happen!




@worldclassplayer Great Post My friend :)
waiting for Summer 2018 ^^
following you (y)

i wish that just happen that would be the coolest thing ever

A bird at hand is worth two in the bush. So, I will advice you ro stick to STEEMIT. Î follow and upvote you.

Will be waiting for your token that will be awesome and will change my life ;)

it has to be the best of everything smt's will help you with that

it will be like abrakadabra coin

Abracadabra means I create as I speak, violating the laws of nature. Good luck.


Thank you for the good fortune.

Always been a bit of a rebel :)

Everything bagels are the best
Everything tokens are a close second


speaking of which - time for a bagel!

  • cream cheesing for sure

you will be what you want

steem has all the advantages already so i think you don't need to work hard on making that isn't it

Is this kind of token somewhere?


it's being created - stay tuned for more details

  • speak soon

I would love to hear more about it :)

wow... you write a great post... i impressed to see your post

It will be magic. Crypto trading can be changed the life.

what are kind of tokens anybody know?


a token on the basis of an All Inclusive Lifestyle - We open up a new way of Living, Travelling, Playing and Working.

Amazing post it will be a great token:)

great post
your Token will be like dream