My Top 12 Crypto picks for Newbs to buy into before the rise next week!

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Hey everyone, here's a few tips and some of my favourite picks broken down into a three price ranges.
Over $100 Over $1 Under $1

I started buying into cryptocurrencies right after the big drop in early January and learned a lot very quickly.
Still very new to posting but i had a list I wrote down last night of some of my favourite cryptos and thought I would share it with you guys, so hope you guys get some use out of it.

One thing i figured out, especially if you only have under 1k to invest it's best to not try and buy 20 different coins thinking to spread yourself out in hopes of hitting a little coin mooning with massive gains. I would personally just pick 10. 35% into some of the top 10 coin market cap coins and the rest into some mid to low cryptos you believe in.

Here is a list of my favourite cryptos .....

over $100 CAD

over $1


Under $1


Hope this helps some of you newer crypto investors make some money before the market starts to rise again in mid February  and feel free to hit me up with any questions or if you want to discuss more of why i chose these. I'm still  very new to the game but I think I am starting to understand patterns of these things.

Bless and HODL

-side note... I wanted to post a picture of Neo from Matrix holding the NEO logo looking all bad ass because I love both Neos but didn't wanna get flagged for plagiarism, still very unsure of what the rules are here so yeah
no picture sadly :(   I guess I could reproduce it myself but thats a lot of work and I'm pretty lazy.

-  Boots


these are good picks! I'm all in on NEO this year :)

I just posted an article about where to hold NEO and get your GAS (dividend) - Bittrex and other exchanges keep your GAS. Here is the post I made about this topic, very important if looking at NEO.

yeah for sure I use my NEON wallet thats very important to withdraw your NEO to mine gas passively... my favourite thing about any currency at the moment :)

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