GoldChain - The Revolutionary Payment Gateway Based On Waves

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>>Goldchain WP – English Version<<

HOT NEWS! Our live payment module BETA launch this week!

We will announce our new website with live store function with live product at our telegram group


<Goldchain Projects, we are half community & half real projects driven token>

Over the past few months, our team and me was busy for a brand new waves platform project. After more than eight months of development, it’s about the right moment to announce this massive project to everyone…

If you gently put two different things together, a new and awesome chemistry is born...

Right here, we proudly present to you (lights and drum rolls please…) - Goldchain (Actually, it's a short abbreviation of "Golden Blockchain")

For your acknowledgement, the main concept of Goldchain is to eliminate the centralized (government control) and provide a decentralized yet transparency online payment with more privacy to online users.

It offers fast, secure and privacy transactions, ideally for those who want to use it as an alternate online payment processor and want to avoid government control at all cost.

The main objective of this project is to create a unique token (GC) that can be used to buy/sell/trade products online without exposing as much of your personal information as possible (By this way, you don’t need to worry that your personal information will be collected without permission and use illegally by wrongdoers)

GC tokens can be used for the following purposes:

Online payment processor
Website advertisement
Networking affiliate program
Live/streaming broadcast
Social media networking
Non-profit organization/donation
Payment for cryptocurrency faucets
Real Estate Ads
Trading local or native products
Gift for your loved ones
and so on...

HOT NEWS! Our live payment module BETA launch this week!

Soon enough, we will launch an innovative decentralized storage for the ease of Goldchain's users and it’s going to be massive one!

~Stay strong and grow with us~

Think of Gold, think of Goldchain!

GoldChain Tokens Specification and Features

Total Supply - 21 000 000
Blockchain - Waves Platform
Reissuable - No (this means that the Max Supply is fixed and never can be changed)
Fast transaction
Low Fees
Wallet -,
Blockexplorer -

Waves platform: DEX WAVES PLATFORM ( &

Attention: GC tokens can be traded on DEX Waves Platform right now!

Wallet and Trade:
Waves platform: Google Chrome app:

FB Page:

Waves Client - Use the Waves Client as Chrome App to control your Blockchain Account finances.

>>Distributions of GoldChain Tokens<<


Total: 21,000,000 GC Tokens
19% Airdrop (4,000,000 GC Tokens for all the three phases)
35% Bounty (7,350,000 GC Tokens)
30% Ico Donation (6,300,000 GC Tokens)
5% Development team (1,050,000 GC Tokens)
10% This will be used for reserving, developement purpose, marketing, website, web hosting and exchanges (2,100,000 GC Tokens)
1% Others

>>GoldChain Roadmap<<


Q1 (Oct 2017) - GoldChain Launch
Q2 (Nov 2017) - GoldChain Airdrop & Donation
Q3 (Dec 2017) - GoldChain Bounty & Exchanges
Q4 (1st quarter of 2018) - GoldChain further development, web, plugin, apps
Q5 (2nd quarter of 2018) - List GoldChain in more exchanges
Q6 (3rd quarter of 2018) - GoldChain web, plugin, apps launch
Q7 (4th quarter of 2018) - Maintain and expanse GoldChain into a global decentralized payment processor

>>GoldChain Future Plans<<

In near future, GoldChain’s dev team is going to implement a mobile app that can be easily used for GoldChain’s users.

For example, when you are in a car or in a parking lot, you see the token price is good to buy or sell, then you can do it right away, by simply pushing a few buttons from your mobile phone.

With the existence of mobile version wallet waves, tokens from platform “waves” can be sold and purchased easily anytime and anywhere.

In fact, GoldChain might become one of the few that implement sophisticated Wordpress plugin (especially for GoldChain’s tokens purpose), which is enabling our users to trade GC tokens with ease.
All of these will be done step by step, just stay tuned...

>>>Stay and grow with us, together we build a better tomorrow<<<

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nice, upvoted

Thanks bro :D

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Trading screenshot at

Thanks for the update, much appreciated it :D

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Oh wow! I didn't know that you have been working on this, which looks really interesting!
So this feels a little like Monero and DASH kind of direction you are heading towards, but how far would you guys be taking it beyond trading?

And since there is no reissuable, will you be targetting GC as a stored value coin in the future?

Hi sis,

Thanks for your interests and questions. Yup, the concept is a lil bit like the mix of Monero and Dash, but the only difference is Goldchain tokens can't be mined, unlike Monero and Dash are both mineable.

Actually, we're in the phase where we're now listing our coins to varies cryptocurrency exchanges. Also, the website is undergoing some transformation and it will be completed with more brand new features.

Yup, GC is more like a stored value coin, instead of those "Pump and dump" coins in the future.

Also, if you want to know more about Waves - please kindly check out their Steemit profile -


不厉害啦老铁,只是与一班志同道合的友人一起搞搞电币 :P

关于这个问题,我得要问问我团队的科技人员,看看他能不能对sbd进行双向交易~ 谢谢你的提议!


兴趣兴趣啊老铁,没那么夸张 :)





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You've been working on this project for few months already @wilhb81?

I cannot say that I have clear view of GoldChain and after reading your post Im still not sure what is it all about. But I will follow you closely and gladly learn more about your project.

do you have whitepaper anywhere?


Yup @crypto.piotr bro, we've been starting this project since last year...

Well, the main objective of this project is to create a payment gateway that can be used for all purpose of trading that I've mentioned above.

We have whitepaper, but I need to ask my team member to forward it to me, since the website is undergoing a make over :)


thx for your reply @wilhb81

Is GoldChain similar to Zcash?


You're welcomed @crypto.piotr :)

In some of the aspects - yes it's almost similar with Zcash, but it's based on the Wavesplatform~

We're having an idea that GoldChain tokens can be an unique trading tools, especially for local or native products. For example, by using GoldChain tokens - all local and native products from around the world can be linked together and trade easily, regardless of using different fiat currencies...


Im glad to see that you're still so very responsive @wilhb81

Please check your emailbox. I've few more questions about your project :)

cheers , Piotr

Hi bro,

Sure, I'm checking it now... :)



我那时写的时候,也晕了不知道多少回 XD 这是电币的介绍,一定要根据格式来写,或许会有些沉闷~