Verge May Soon Be Something to Talk About

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I have not talk about Verge since the Porn Hub announcement where I called a top. See the video below. That call turned out to be timely. I had suggested that .043 was key and that broke as well, bringing .018 as likely. And, finally, we had signs of further downside. I had told my subscribers recently that it should to to long term support which lies at .005. There is possible support around .01 but the setup for .005 seems intact. There is enormous support in that region and I will be surprised if we do not see a strong buy reaction in that zone. I'm not sure anyone cares about Verge anymore. I never hear about. However we are hitting a key point where it may turn soon.

XVGUSD - Primary Analysis - Sep-24 1953 PM (1 day).png

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Big writing , but good information @wildtrader

I hope it does. Verge was a very good pump-and-dump coin and I hope that it is going to be such in future.

Verge was the coin that delivered the most profit in 2017 form 0.00013 in march to 0.23 cents in December.
I dont think we will ever see somethings that preformed as well as Verge in price activity.