Enjoying some volitility in the crypto market

in cryptocurrency •  7 months ago 

I don't think of myself as a trader but I'm really messing around with the coins showing recent volatility, mostly because I know about these projects and would feel comfortable holding on to them if they dump.

I caught the tail end of the Binance pump and the middle of the Enjin pump. I'll be holding on to Binance cause it never corrects in a big way, it just slowly moves upward forever, and I think Enjin is a good project too that will remain in the top 30 for a while. I bought with 1/3 of the Steem I was planning on using and then felt that Steem would probably pump again too and decided to keep some for later.

I used BTC to grab some Stellar because it was looking mighty low and I don't think that will fall out of the top 10. Within a day it started moving. I also used BTC to grab some Kyber after it corrected cause I heard they have a partnership with Enjin who has partnered with Samsung and I don't think that will be their last pump.

I am not sure if we will correct again to under 3500k BTC but I feel that by Summer we will be out of the ditch and flirting with 5000 again. Some people say this year will mirror 2015 and that sounds very likely to me, which might make 2022 the crypto finds an all time high to stablize around. It could happen sooner but that will all depend on who joins when.

For now I'm liking the altcoins.

I just discovered Holochain, what an awesome project! I am still trying to wrap my head around it, but it sounds like it may be the answer to the problem with blockchain, mainly that it still allows the powerful to become more powerful and the rich to become richer. Holochain is at least considering these issues, so it may be the coin I finally can get behind 100%.

Can't wait to start making a passive income again through crypto and help others do the same.

Just some crypto musings before I start my day, obviously I'm not sure financial advisor or expert.

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Holochain sounds amazing, huh?

All this crypto stuff is still beyond me - though I know so much more than when I started. I need a crypto guru to make me rich. Don't we all!!!

The tech is another language entirely of course but I think I have a decent grasp of the implications of blockchain, both positive and negative and I'm glad to finally find a project that is trying to solve problems I don't see anyone else tackling!

Yeah I am still unable to decipher the techie talk but I know much more than I did a year and some months ago.
I have started trading again although on limited basis. I am not too comfortable with coins that I don't know about. I read about the enjin and Samsung partnership but I didn't connect the dots. I will check it out. I have basically been moving between btc, eos and steem. I don't trust etherum much. I am trying to be patient with the trades. 😂 I have no clue as to what I am doing.

I think 50% in BTC and then diversifying into randomness is a fine strategy. I do 30% BTC 30% other big coins and 40% randomness and try to pick the best random coins I can.

I don't have enough coins to diversify. My trading stake is quite small but it will have to do for now until I can add more. I think your idea makes sense though.

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