On earning with crypto currencies

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This Simpsons meme tells it best.

Simpsons and bitcoin via reddit
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Bitcoin gives me the creeps. I hate how speculative it is. I hate anything speculative in general, like forex, stock markets, 4D lotteries, and the likes. I left my ex partly because of this. I thought I could tolerate it, but resentment built up inside me. It made me very unhappy with my relationship. Once I found out he stepped out of our marriage, that was it for me. No more of those bull dung.

I saw what it did to my family members as well, via foreign currency markets. I lost the savings my late dad made for my education because the whole sum was invested by my guardian to a forex agent -- also a fellow family member -- believing that they could double the amount. In the end, there was no amount to salvage, not even a sen. Thankfully, my belief in the school system of my generation was strong that I did well academically and earned a full scholarship to college, so I wasn't too affected. I also learnt that hard work is the primary pay-off, and not some fast money-making scheme. I loved working my butt off right out of high school and even throughout college. Working as a waitress in the States and earning tips were the bomb; I was able to travel around eastern US and even Canada due to the extra income.

Where am I going with this post?

Steemit gave me a better perspective on cryptocurrencies in general. I was more fascinated with blockchains than I was in cryptocoins, until I rediscovered Steem's economics while talking with @borneoairbrush. When he mentioned how Steemit helped him as an artist, that got me into blogging again.
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I'll have to agree with others in saying that Steemit has by far the lowest barrier to entry in terms of monetising your content. Be it arts, photography, fiction writing, online social interaction, selling your products or skills on the Net, live vlogging -- whatever you're used to doing on the major social media platforms, you can do it on Steemit and absolutely earn from it.

I've cashed out close to RM400.00 since I re-started more than a month ago. The earnings, plus the quality interactions I get from the Steem community can be quite addicting. Barring life happenings, I'm not slowing down anytime soon.

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Speculation is always not the wisest thing to do unless

a) it's done right (diversify)
b) it's based on fundamental research (not jumping bandwagon or get carried away by greed)
c) a ton of other factors

I had the "fortunate misfortune" of losing RM300 to a get rich quick "passive forex investment" scam some good years back when "forex" is still the scammer's favorite buzzword. RM300 does sound like nothing but back when I first earned my own income literally out of secondary school, at a time where I am paid only RM700 plus OT, that amount hurts to the bone.

I rather lose half my money when I was broke than lose half my money when I've earned my pot of gold. It hurts the same but one of them is a "best value" lesson.

Having being involved the "bitcoin game/meme" since 2013, I can't say "I've seen it all" but I'm confident I can smell BS when it's presented to me, having been so intimate with that scent where it's so prevalent in cryptocurrency space.

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