Psychic Sharon Michelle's 2018-2019 CryptoCurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.) Predictions

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With CryptoCurrencies set to enter a new phase of adoption and prosperity, more and more psychics are proffering predictions about which coins or tokens will be successful, and in some cases offering actual price predictions.

Skepticism in the public remains high about the legitimacy of psychics. I know from personal experiences that the phenomena is real; although, no doubt, there are many posers who seek only to enrich themselves.

Michelle Whitedove, who goes by the moniker of America's Top Psychic, was the first cryptoPsychic of whom I became aware. Having listened to her on a few YouTube shows, I am convinced that she is legit. You can find her first published Crypto predictions here in her blog:

The most recent psychic to come to my attention is Sharon Michelle. Her husband posted a video on YouTube on April 06, 2018 highlighting predictions which she made on March 30, 2018. Following is a summary of her predictions.

Litecoin (LTC) $4,800 by Jan 2018. Remote Viewers, fronted by Dick Algire, in response to a blind tasking saw the price of LTC over $3000 by Christmas 2018 in the famous Battleship task.

Ethereum (ETH) Moves sideways most of 2018; Up in Jan 2019; Moves down in April 2019.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) $500 by Christmas 2018.

THETA Token (THETA) Straight up starting in October of 2018. This token, and soon to be its own blockchain, is the all time favorite of Whitedove. She predicts it will be in the single digits in 2018 and from there shoot into the thousands several years out. A true psychic HODL if there ever was one.

NEO (NEO) Won't do much for a while.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Will go up, but it won't be a superstar.

Omisego (OMG) Not good overall; Steady rise, then it will CRASH! Whitedove sees it as a long term HODL/winner.

Digibyte (DGB) HUGE! Will replace another coin. Bulldozes out its competition. $900 by Jan 2019. Whitedove also calls this one a long term HODL/winner, but she gives no price predictions.

DENT (DENT) $300 by Dec 2018; $600 by Jan 2019. (Personally, this prediction boggles my mind. I just don't understand the business model of this project, nor what would justify such high prices other than pure market mania. I would be a seller at $600 for sure!)

(DNA) Slow at first. Some problems arise within the company. After the problems have been fixed, this will do better.

Reddcoin (RDD) OK. Large rise, but not HUGE. Whitedove only calls this a long term success and offers no price predictions.

Populous (PPT) HUGE!! Whitedove calls this a HODL.

Veritaseum (VERI) Rises then CRASHES!

Pillar (PLR) She sees Smiling People. Starts up in Nov 2018 and runs through Feb 2019. Significant drop in March 2019 (She seems to indicate that most crypto will be headed down starting in March 2019. It sounds like a tax season sell off like the one experienced in 2018)

SALT She sees Smiling People. Starts up in Nov 2018 and runs through Feb 2019. Significant drop in March 2019. (Again, the pattern is things start moving up in October and run through Feb, followed by a down turn in March and April) She also generally indicates that most cryptos will be along for the ride during the fall upturn (rising tide raises all ships, so to speak).

PayPie Same as SALT, HOWEVER, there will be a big problem causing a significant price drop. This will be the time to buy. After the train gets back on the tracks, then up it goes. Will merge with another company.

Note: You can find Sharon Michelle's predictions and updates on her husband's YouTube channel at

Here is the video from which I made the above summaries:

By the end of the first quarter of 2019 we will know the accuracy of Sharon's predictions, as well of those of Whitedove. If Sharon posts a crypto donation address, I will post it. If you follow their advice and profit from it, it would nice to reward them accordingly.

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Thank you Vicos, but people MUST BE aware that there was a mistake, a misunderstanding with the price predictions by Sharon's husband Jared. He presumed 900 meant $900. The $900 Digibyte forecast was amended to 900c (or $9.00) The same goes for DENT, it could rise to 300 cents ($3.00) Bless this couple for sharing and helping others.


Hi, I'm aware of the correction. However, this great Steemit system does not allow edits to posts after 7 days. I guess this is an advance in technology!?!?!?

This is pretty interesting. I saw these guys on YouTube and felt that they were very genuine. Of course, that made me suspicious. I don't trust anyone. They also seem to like the same coins that I like, so I wondered if that may be swaying my judgment. I ended up here by googling to see if I could find any other sound minded individuals who were buying into Sharon's predictions. I am glad that I found you. I can't wait to see how it all plays out...

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