Mad Max situation? What about the cryptocurrency valuations when the dollar collapses? Global Meltdown? Metals?

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Since 2014, iv been hearing and watching loads and loads of articles and videos online, about things like "Dollar Collapse", "Shemitah", "One world currency", "NWO", etc. and you name it iv watched it related to the financial system and markets. Im from India, and as you guys know, currently as per the "Main Stream Media" India is the best story in emerging markets. The new government under "Narendra Modi" who is being demonized by many of the "alternate media" guys, has got alot of changes for good and yes some are bad due to the fact that here too we have a huge corporate mafia. However i will not go too much deep into this as this is not the post about India or Narendra Modi. The reason i got the topic of India is coz im a trader in the stock markets since 2004. And yes i too lost everything i ever made or saved in 2008 and had a huge debt to payoff coz of blind faith in certain people i followed in the markets here in india as they were making big bucks and did not follow my own gut, nor did a lot of research.

However this did not make me leave the markets but i did leave the country for a while for a break and work. After a few years when i came back to india, i joined a proprietary trading firm that was dealing in NYSE (Capstone Equities) in india, Pune. Thats where i got alot of exposure in international markets, currencies and started watching alot of videos and reading a lot of articles on geopolitics, currencies, etc. which is how i came across the most famous people in "alternate media" (wont name them though) and through them i came across cryptocurrencies.


Since 2014 iv been following almost all the names in alternate media, and it has helped me invest in metals and cryptos, but when it comes to financial markets, i feel they have been wrong ever since. We know about the US debt, Brexit, Trump, Illuminati, etc. But nothing could stop the markets from making new highs. And i would not ignore the fact that "The Bulls Are Winning".

However i would also mention that the Bitcoin price too has multiplied, but i dont want to compare the two markets, which i believe is happening across the alternate media, as both are completely different and still the bitcoin doesnt have its own price, its in dollar terms (which is about to collapse according to many).

Even though i started investing in cryptos just a year and a half back and making good profits, i lost alot on shorting the financial markets or not investing, which i would have made by now taking the advantage of the bull run. Its my repeated mistake of again trusting others instead of using my head or following my gut. As the charts clearly showed a rally. However i dont blame anyone here.

The point i want to make is that sometimes we get mesmerized by the alternate media guys who make much more money blogging, on youtube, membership fees for their website, etc. then in trading, however they must have made huge money investing in bitcoins, etc. which we may never no except for believing they they really did. Iv been watching and reading videos and blogs on charts that show about the collapse, global melt down, wars, etc., and all i can now say since following them from 2014 to today is that "Use your own Brains and DONOT blindly trust them completly." I know they make videos showing off that how they were right and see we said this and see we said that etc. especially about "the global financial collapse". But donot completely ignore them too as there are some good things too we get to learn from them especially about cryptos.

Now what happens when dollar really collapses?


I see videos and blogs on Bitcoin that the price will reach a million dollar, etc.

  • But what will happen when the dollar itself will collapse?

  • Will Bitcoin have its own value?

  • Will the value be based on demand supply?

  • Will it be backed by new currency like yuan (as its now in the world reserve currency list)?

  • If dollar doesnt collapse, but corrects by 50% to 75%, and bitcoin reaches a million dollar, what would the valuation of bitcoin still be?

  • What about the metal prices?

Mad Max Situation?


We know someday the collapse is bound to happen, but i guess instead of timing the collapse, we need to give time, play safe and be safe. There are chances that when the dollar really collapses, we wont run for bitcoins or gold, we will run for our lives and hunt for food, the recent example is "Venezuela". I guess when the collapse really happens, its going to affect the entire world and not just USA. I dont know about WW3, but situations can get really worst and the world can come to a stand still. Do you think that people living in Syria give a dam about cryptos in current situation?

We cannot ignore the fact that no matter what we do, elites will always rule the planet. If you really want to get rid of the system, then start living off the grid, grow your own food and get some solar panels for electricity. There are many doing it and so can you. But we all know we are here to profit from cryptos, collapse and metals, so we cannot do that.

Also about the so called apocalypse or mad max situation, many bunker building companies have made millions selling them.


I think we still need to be in the system, but also make good investments in all we believe in. DONOT live in fear, everyone in the system of cryptos or financial markets or even steemit is here for money, if someone says that they are not here for money, then they are lying. NO ONE knows what will happen to cryptos when dollar collapses, all will come to know when it really does happen. The Central Banks have already started getting into "Blockchain" technology, like "ETHEREUM" on which we all are making hefty profits. (

"WHEN THE US DOLLAR COLLAPSES, IT COLLAPSES" just be happy at that time that we knew it and are now safe. There are fear mongers everywhere and are there for the profits. dont ignore them completely nor trust them completely. Do a personal research on everything before making any big moves on trading or investments.

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Great post @veerall - like you I am sure I watched every single one of those End-Of-World / Economic Collapse Disaster vids....easily 10-14 hours a day it seems the past year. I am really hoping God returns ASAP (preferably this week before my Mom gets here!). Not a religious virtuoso but I cannot help but re-play that biblical verse in my head that talks about 'men throwing their gold and silver into the streets...' - or something. 'Til then rock on / STEEM On . . . I guess!

Thank you very much,, :)

@veerall, great post you have here.

Thanks buddy. :)

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In times of real crisis, only hard assets like gold and wanted assets like cigarettes and toilet paper. Hard currencies like the US Dollat may be desirred as well in case the crisis is local. What I see as a plus of cryptocurrencies is the flexibility in securing and shielding off your stash and taking it over the borders.

But in a real Mad Max scenario (worldwide total societal collapse), cryptos will be useless. With no meaningful social cohesion left, one is more concerned with not dying.

True bro, things will be insane.. Thanks for the reply.. :)

nice post.. lots bad press when he eliminated large rupee note.. but maybe more sensationalized. Crypto won't be much use in a scenario where we are scrapping for food. Just liven day b day. In that scenario I can't see the internet functioning properly. A farmer is more likely to take your gold or silver for a scrap of food then crypto me thinks. However, until then trade wisely. The only thing that matters is prayer and action.

True brother, life will be insane.. we need to learn from i guess Zimbabwe and Venezuela, but dollar collapse will be global, check out the history of roman empire.. thanks for reading my post.. :)

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