The Calm before the Storm

in cryptocurrency •  11 months ago


The day is getting closer to the Grand Opening of the #Compumatrix Digital Asset Platform and the excitement is tangeable! The members are champing at the bit to get access to their beloved business and start turning over those Virtual Prepaid Cards, buying their BTCCore and earning on a daily basis.

We have all been waiting a really long time while this masterpiece of a decentralized website was developed and tweaked every time there was a change in the Cryptocurrency business. Henry James Banayat and his team of IT specialists have worked their fingers to the bone, coding and designing his lifelong dream of a business where EVERYBODY earns and nobody is left behind.

There is going to be a huge WOOOOHOOOO when the doors are opened. I am sure it will be heard around the world!

It will be led by our COO Erline Martin who is going to shout the loudest!

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LOL yes Liza why not. ♥ We could have
BTCCore prizes for the biggest loudmouth

This is nice. keep it up.

I know I will be right in there with my own whooooooo hooooooo! Can't wait!!!!