Crypto Market Overview - 5/5/2018 - Top Picks for short term investment

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Hi Steemians.

Here is the quick overview of today's market with some technical analysis.

Bitcoins is trading around 9900$ after gaining almost 10% in past 2 days.
9700 is the daily support zone for bitcoin. If market stays above that level then range is 10900-11000 zone.
If current daily candle closes above 9700 then market is most likely to move bullish.

In Past 2 weeks EthereumClassic, LiteCoin, Zcash and Ripple has performed well as compared to other currencies.

My top picks of this week for short-medium term profit are

  1. Verge @ 0.08
  2. Wax @ 0.38
  3. SmartCash @ 0.13
  4. Steem @ 3.89
  5. SiaCoin @ 0.028

I will buy the above listed coins for 5-25% profit for a period of 2 weeks.

I will try to make a follow up post when i will close these positions.

The buying will be done against USD or TETHER not against BTC, as BTC is already bullish.

Note: this post is based on my own technical analysis and it's not a trading advice.

Thanks for Reading.


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Just a random question where do you predict the value of SmartCash ending up in 2018?

As per my view it should be higher. At least more than 1$

Smartcash is something I'm really into now, going to build my first smartnode!

GoodLuck. I haven't setup smart nodes. But smart rewards are working nice for me. It's easy and requires no efforts.

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