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Hello guys, today I'll introduce a new project to you guys. Let's begin!

What is Alphacrypt?

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Alphacrypt is a new cryptocurrency which aims to become the best alternative to current popular coins such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. It is digital public money created by complex mathematical computations and validated by millions of computer users. Alphacrypt-Coins are digital coins which you can store on your computer drive, smartphone or hardware wallet. Once you own Alphacrypt-Coins, they behave like FIAT. They possess value and can be traded like stocks in popular exchanges. In the future you‘ll be able to use them to purchase goods and services. We are also in the funnel to provide debit cards.

The Alphacrypt-Coin has been created by an expert team of bankers and traders from major financial institutions. We´ve realized that the financial transactions in the world are going to be revolutionized by cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Based on this analysis we‘ve built a tech and financial team to create a blockchain platform to make worldwide financial transactions faster, cheaper and more reliable.
Alphacrypt team consists exclusively of professionals who have come together due to many years of business relations. Now together they use their knowledge in the revolutionization of the project Alphacrypt. The goal is to create financial independence with little effort in a short time and to bypass the common risky methods. With the team‘s know-how, we have succeeded in creating a platform for investors who can think outside the box and sustainably influence the future of the crypto-currency market

Alphacrypt is a comprehensive middleware with it´s core running on Ethereum blockchain and a number of gateways ready to incorporate counterparties who run other standards of distributed applications. Since Alphacrypt does not incorporate its own consensus mechanism, it´s attack to sensitive data resistance and fault tolerance are equal to those of Ethereum’s. For the same reason, the system has no internal common mode failure problem.

Token economy
To understand if a Alphacrypt token is sufficiently likely to gain value over time after the Crowdsale, it is important to apprehend the token economy within the Alphacrypt ecosystem.

Alphacrypt token (ALC)

The goal is to create a fast growing, trusted, self-governed and global business financing ecosystem. A Network, that is built around its members and employs single ecosystem’s cryptocurrency.
There are many places for different actors to make money on the ecosystem, communities’ leaders can earn from growing and looking after the community, investors can earn interest on loans provided, SMEs can gain access to loans needed for growth. Alphacrypt will ensure trust arbitrage smart contract and will be able to participate in the whole ecosystem.

alphacrypt roadmap.png

Token Sale
alphacrypt token sale.png

After the ICO

End of May 2018
– Start of the caringly assessed financing projects
– Listing on various exchanges, as well as presentation of the projects June 2018
– Start of monthly payment of interest packages
– Promoting the further establishment and stabilization of Alphacrypt
– Download the Alphacrypt App

Detail about ALC

Token name: Alphacrypt
Token symbol: ALC
Log: ERC20
Total amount: 15.000.000 token
Interest rate Algorithm: ACA 2.01.
State: 01.04.2018

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