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Hello STEEMIT, how you guys are doing ? I hope you all are having an amazing day.
So lets get straight about the 'POLYMATH' network, if you are not aware of the this project so let me tell you that it is one of the most unique and amazing project which focuses on providing security to the crypto world. Polymath is the only network which has brought the revolution of ST-20 TOEKNS. You already must have heard about the ERC-20 Tokens which are based on the ethereum blockchain but ST-20 TOEKNS are the security tokens based on the polymath network. Now what makes st-20 tokens different? The main thing is that st-20 tokens are the KYC based tokens that means both the issuer and investors has to give their complete KYC details before becoming the member of the project. Polymath connects the network between the kyc providers and the investores and issuers. That brings a clear security behind the project and people can confidently invest.

Polymath is currently itself a ERC-20 tokem but it will swap to its own network as the project grows. Polymath is one of the most realistic project and it's creaters are doing wonderful . Polymath got listed on major exchanges such as Bittrex, Huobi, Kucoin and at all the major crypto exhanges of india with POLY/INR pair. To your surprise polymath just got listed on BINANCE the no.1 exchange a week ago and that too for free .. yes, u got thag right it won the competition of tokens to be listed for free on binance. You can now figure out how amazing the project is for real.

As soon as it gets the U.S. authorization as a security more and more ST-20 tokens will come in market. A lot of traders believe that it can replace the ERC-20 projects and bring a revolution in the crypto market. Ico based on the polymath network will surely perform better than the rest bcoz there is no chance of Scams.
Polymath is on its way to announce a very big thing about there project today. It is already 25% up, keep and eye on it as it can go to moon and give you great profits for long term. Until then Good Luck :)


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Nice effort

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Polymath is a very interesting platform! Cool you write about it! And you miss spelled tokens in the title ;)!

Thanx for telling ;) that

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I like Polymath, I invested in it too.