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Do you want to start investing into Bitcoin/Ethereum/Litecoin? Do you want to not waste time?
If you match both of these, you came to the right place! Let me show you How!

First of all, the site that we are going to use today is called Coinbase.
Coinbase is has over 10 million customers, over 20 billion currency exchanged, and 32 countries supported.
It is backed by many investors and said to be one of the best cryptocurrency exchange sites.
There are many features to Coinbase such as mobile wallet, instant transactions, and many more.

This is a trustable website that keeps your security and information safe.
I use it all the time and 10 million other people do.

Now let's get into signing up!

So when you sign up through this link:
you can get a free $10 of Bitcoin with a purchase of $100 of any of the three cryptocurrencies.
You don't have to buy $100 but if you do, you can get an extra $10 in Bitcoin.
Once you click the sign up, you should see this page.

Another thing, you have to be 18 years or over to sign up so If you are not, wait til your 18th birthday and try it.
Fill in your name, email, password, and verify and certify that you are 18 years old.
Now you're ready to move on!

There will be an email sent to you for confirmation so make sure you use the right email!

Then there are couple steps with identification and payment information. You can skip this step but you still need to put your payment information later if you want to buy the cryptocurrencies.

Now you are in! To buy your preferred crypto, click on Buy/Sell.

Then click on Add new payment Method.

Now you have couple choices of payment: paypal, bank, and credit/debit card.
I would recommend to choose the bank because there is no extra fee for choosing the bank. I believe for the other two options, there is a extra 3.99% fee with your purchase. It is your choice.

Now once you have that finished, you are ready to buy! Put how much you want to buy for your preferred cryptocurrency then see the total on the side. Click Buy and the amount will be transfered to you within couple of business dates. It can take from 3-5 business dates so keep that in mind.
Also, remember, if you buy $100 or more through this link:
you can get Free $10 in Bitcoin and it would support me as well.

Thank you guys so much and May your Crypto Investments ever be in your Favor.

I am not a financial/crypto expert so please do your own research before making your decisions. I am not responsible for any actions that you take.

Buy $100 Any one of Litecoin/Bitcoin/Ethereum to Receive $10 of FREE Bitcoin!

Bitcoin: 1JUKqvyCPr4bNe9VGZLXjQo1WdxVr1vtWf
Ethereum: 0x1AA9B4d3f3bbb507B9117C29549EfcBbBc085F63
Litecoin: LVGvWuhg7tZ4yXugC9wv6dKqN7VfFEJCpY

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Thanks for watching and I hope to share with your guys better and more amazing deals through my channel!

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