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Crypto bounty campaigns. You’ve heard about them, you may have joined one, and you know the harsh realities of them.

For some, they are a great way to earn some extra income through the cryptocurrency craze. Still, for every success story out there, we hear about countless ones where hardworking bounty hunters get ripped off.

Look, you don’t want to hear us preaching about bounty campaigns.

But this time it’s worth listening.

Why Tiberius Coin’s Bounty Campaign Is Different

Here’s how most bounty campaigns work:

  • You work hard to promote a token and get paid in it.
  • After waiting for the ICO to go live so you can sell your token and get paid.
  • The ICO turned out to be unsuccessful, causing token prices to crash.
  • All that hard work you put in was for much less than you were promised because of plummeting prices.

Does this sound familiar? For many bounty hunters, this is exactly what happens time and time again. Bounty campaigns provide individuals with a way to promote ICOs they believe in. It’s not fair that all your hard work get wasted because of a few shady development teams.

We’ve solved this problem.

Before you think we’re spewing nonsense, hear us out.

You already know that your token prices are dictated by perceived value on the market. All the marketing speak in the world can’t make your tokens worth more than they should be. So, what if your token had a price floor, a price that it couldn’t drop below?

That sounds good, right?

Well, that’s exactly what we’ve created with Tiberius Coin. We’ve created a token that cannot hit zero.

Tiberius Coin Explained

It sounds too good to be true, right? Well, that’s because it is. You see, the Tiberius Coin is backed by physical metal. Tokens can be traded and even redeemed for the metal, which is why they have a price floor. Each token is backed by an underlying basket of metal and we’ve worked hard to select 7 metals that power the tech sector, electric vehicles, and a select few that provide stability.

When our token officially ICOs in October, you don’t have to worry about prices crashing because the physical metal backing our token protects its price.

What’s In It for You

Our bounty program has $50,000 USD in redeemable bounties. And because Tiberius Coins are tied to physical metal, you can guarantee that whatever you earn will be there when you can sell your token.

Not only will your tokens rise in value because of the demand for these metals, but it will beat inflation, and provide you with a more stable crypto experience.

Bitcoin crashes like the one we are experiencing now aren’t a problem for Tiberius Coin. There is no such thing as perceived value because the token’s value is based on the metals that it’s backed by.

Joining Our Bounty

If you’re interested in joining our bounty program, here’s what you need to know:

  • All tokens will be distributed after the end of coin issuance, in early-to-mid Q4 2018
  • You must join our official Telegram group @tiberiuscoinofficial
  • All participants must register with our Telegram bounty bot @tiberiusbountybot
  • We reserve the right to change campaign rules if necessary
  • We can disqualify campaign participants for bad behavior and acting dishonestly
  • Do not discuss the bounty campaign in our official Telegram group. Those kinds of discussions can take place on our -Bitcointalk.org thread
  • All submissions must be done through our bot
  • If you violate the rules, you will be disqualified from the campaign

Here’s what we need:

download (2).png

For specific rules regarding the different types of bounties, please check out Bitcointalk.org thread.

We’re Starting Something Big

Every token out there likes to claim they are changing the world. And while many will claim it, very few actually believe it.

Here at Tiberius Coin, we know we are on to something big. Commodities like physical metals are hard to trade, but we’ve found a way to make it easier than ever.

As a small time trader, investor, or crypto enthusiast, you can now trade metals, stabilize your portfolio, protect yourself from inflation, and say goodbye to crypto volatility altogether. Tiberius Coin is starting the first-ever asset-backed token that will resemble a simplified metals ETF.

Bounty hunters can take part in our attractive bounty campaign and sleep easy knowing that their tokens won’t lose value like so many other campaigns they’ve taken part in.

Join our bounty program today if you are ready to earn a token that actually has real value.

October is coming fast. We’re ready, are you?

Stay up to date with the latest information about Tiberius Coin. Join the official Telegram discussion today!

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Nice. Love intrinsic value in a virtual asset. Hope to see more of this. Thanks.

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