Ledger announces their native applications and mobile support

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Ledger will now have a native application for Windows, macOS, and Linux without the need for Chrome. It will support 23 tokens in a single application without the need for swapping around applications as you change tokens.

I'm really excited, I hope this means there will be a firmware release that will not limit the hardware device to only having 4 wallets at a time. I suspect this won't happen, but one of the things that I don't like about the Ledger. You can have unlimited wallets and all of the support tokens, but you can only have 4 different tokens loaded on the hardware device at once. You can swap them around fairly quickly but it requires uninstalling and installing apps as only four can be installed at once. Under each token, you can have multiple wallets.

Another thing that looks good is the ability to see and work with ERC20 tokens and contracts, something that required MyEtherWallet or another wallet to do. With the current drama at MyEtherWallet I am glad they are coming up with an alternative.

Mobile support looks interesting, but I don't know how they will handle interaction with the hardware device. They mention the mobile device will support 100 coins compared to the 23 supported on the hardware Ledger alone. I am curious to see how this works and if it is secure.

Finally, it is mentioned account synchronization is sped up, this is really good news.

That being said, I still want to try the Trezor, especially the new one with the large touchscreen display. Trezor also recently announced their new dedicated apps.

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The app for ledger looks very well built, i'm curious on how it works and how effective the security will be, other than that, the detail on it looks great.
It looks great for people that have a lot of cripto invested in different sites, but for me, all I need right now is the basic on Coinmarketcap
Great post Mark!

These are really great news, can I ask for the source of this informations? I searched on the website and google, but didn't found any information about this new native applications.
Do you know when they will release it?
Best regards :)


It's the link I used for image source :)

They should've this for a long time... It's a big idiotic having to install chrome plugin for each coins.

What..? four wallets ..? waw .. extraordinary .. greatness and excess knowledge is very meaningful and amazing .. I salute with your good looks and intelligence and your wisdom in sharing knowledge .. thanks for brother as big .. this is not merely praise but pride from me

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Oh yes! Juggling the 5 app limit was the single most annoying thing about it.

Likewise, being able to natively view erc20 tokens is an unexpected bonus!

The touchscreen Trezor seems handy, but wouldn't something like that have more complexity and this be more vulnerable to attack?


Not really, it's just a touchscreen which I think would increase security as you can see destination address easier so more likely to confirm it before sending.


Fair enough, I guess it would give it greater appeal as well. Encourage people to use their own wallets and not leave them on exchanges.

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wow very nice steemit post and bitcoin information

Awesome update, I just got the notification that mine shipped so excited to start using it soon. Awesome it will support erc20 tokens as well since MEW is starting to sketch me out with all that is going on over there.

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It sounds very good. Did they announce how to migrate from the Chrome Based App to the Native app? Its about time to get a save AND easy way to manage all the cryptos.


It isn't released yet but should be available soon.

I've been wanting to buy a Ledger or Trezor for a few months now but never made up my mind. As it stands now I would go for the Trezor. Maybe I should just press that Order/Buy button. :)


I would go with Trezor as well, I have a Nano and I really like it, but I hear the Trezor is better overall. It's not huge and I think the big limitation on the Nano is the inability to keep all wallets loaded on the device at once. You can only keep four coin wallets on it at once. It's very easy to switch them around and you don't put your funds at risk, but it is annoying to have to.

But I do like the Nano a lot, if it wasn't for that, I don't think there is a huge difference. The Nano supports more coins, and has a few nice features and is easier to get a hold of one for a reasonable price (can find them for $75 USD from time to time on Amazon if you keep an eye out).


Thanks for the insight. So I guess I will aim for the Trezor. Buying something like this, the price for the device is nothing compared to the trustworthiness of the store. I don't know how easy they would be to counterfeit and fit with malicious chips etc...


I'd buy direct or from Amazon where they are the vendor. But the security is in the fact when you get it you need to initialize it with a new seed. Doing that basically resets it. But in theory, you can build a counterfeit if you have enough money.

According to Ledger’s statement, the company is also working on developing a fresh version of the Ledger manager platform. The new platform aims to move to a web-based solution that entails direct USB communication, which will not require the installation of other extensions. It will also support different browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera and Chromium. “This new version will highly improve user experience by bringing a lot of new features such as device information, firmware and apps updates, quick overview of installed currencies, categories, 3rd party apps” said the company’s CEO, Eric Larcheveque: Ledger Announces New Wallet Desktop and Mobile Applications

Nice. I will probably use this as well as the Nano S I already have. Can't go wrong using multiple wallets.


Not at all, I'm considering running both in fact. The wallets are interchangeable as well if you want to change later on you can or even go to a software wallet.

It looks like a really wonderful game I wish you more happy time
I wish you a happy weekend



Hahaha, best answer ever! 😆

@themarkymark, thanks for this important update on ledger, i am still caught between buying the trezor hardware wallet or the ledger wallet....as a newbie i appreciate d work u do and i just voted for u as witness, i hope u keep doing good and assisting the community on steemit.....Cheers


Thanks :)