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RE: Anonymous Cryptocurrency - DASH, PIVX, ZCash and Monero

Cool to have you posting here @tracemayer. I am a huge believer in privacy... Personally I prefer XMR. I need to look into PIVIX more and will do that. ZEC is cool crypto but has a trusted set up so not a huge fan. It will be nice to have privacy features baked into Steem one day. Ring CT is on the roadmap here:


I agree on the ZEC trusted setup. Did you catch the interview I did with Peter Todd about it?

Ring CT on Steem would be awesome.

No I have not seen it, could you link it brother?...I tried searching. - yes I think it would be a great way to give a diverse range of people around the world fair access to a private and safe place for their money. So many different types of people are on Steem already and its cool to see it changing lives.

Appreciate it. @tracemayer // - this one slipped by me. Some very interesting stuff in this @bitcoinknowledgepodcast

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