Daily TOP CryptoCurrency Report and Stats :: Market Share - Circulating Percentage - Possible Crypto Worths :: 25.4.2018.

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Global Crypto Stats


Market Share & Circulating Percentage Stats of TOP 10 currencies

chart (1).png

Graphical representation of TOP 10 current Cryptos (market share)

chart (2).png

Graphical representation of Circulating Percentage for TOP 10 current Cryptos

chart (3).png

Possible Crypto Worths

Ever wondered what would currently most popular CryptoCurrencies be worth if they matched Bitcoin popularity based on current data (market caps, prices and circulating supplies)?

chart (4).png

As you can see it shows a unique perspective on possible future expectations and estimation of prices.

chart (5).png

Price Change :: 1h - 24h - 7 days

chart (6).png

Graphical representation of Price Change

chart (7).png

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