Crypto News : Vote for BPs Now! EOS Mainnet Launched!

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I can proudly say that something that seemed it would take ages to happen finally happened! Block Producers managed to agree and voted GO on the EOS Mainnet Launch!

This is fantastic news but we are not out of the woods yet. People are going to need to vote and this is the part that gets a bit tricky!

If you have registered your EOS address don't worry, you have real EOS tokens sitting and waiting for you. But do you know how to get to them?

Well, if you know your ERC20 Ethereum address, use this tool to identify your account:

Next when you have your account name and private key hop over here and download the greymass EOS-Voter tool

When you get it all hooked up it'll look something like this:

You can vote 30 BPs, tick the box next to the ones you want:

When we get 15% of all EOS tokens used for voting thats when the real party kicks off! Get ready for the airdrops too!

Let me know if you guys have any questions about this stuff and I'll gladly try to lend a hand! Be careful with that private key!



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I still don't know about giving up my private key... doesn't seem safe.


It is alright to just wait for the official Block.One wallet because I'm quite sure there will be one eventually. You are right to be careful with it!


The greymass tool is open source so can be validated directly. Even if you do wait for the block one version, you will still need to enter your private keys :-).

I feel that if there where any issues with the most popular voting tools, @dan would have let us know by now.


I use the greymass tool. And I am confident it is a safe tool to use.

  ·  last year (edited)

Agreed, it is a sexy little app for sure and works on multiple platforms.

Many thanks mate

Good job @techblogger, is a novelty, so that those who have a valid ETH or EOS account can do it, THANK YOU for sharing!

OK I voted for you guys. Not that I make a whole lot of difference.

Any advice on what to do about staking? Seems a lot of my EOS were automatically staked 50/50. Keep them that way, unstake some, stake the rest, change the ratio?


I'm not completly aware of what the deal is with staking. Let me get back to you when I find out more about that. Thanks for the vote. They all add up. BuildTeam will need to complete some significant community projects for EOS but I am confident we will get there.