BTC, ETH Recover From Monthly Lows On Comments To G20 Members

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The crypto markets are in the green again after hitting monthly lows this week, with Bitcoin (BTC) back over $8,000 by press time according to data from CoinMarketCap, following the Bank of England’s positive comments to G20 members that crypto poses “no risk” to the stability of the global economy.

Reuters wrote about the G20 crypto comments – which were made in a letter dated March 13 – at 8:09 PM UTC yesterday, March 18, and BTC saw a spike of $1,000 in price in the following few hours.

BTC is currently up almost 8 percent over a 24 hour period, trading at around $8,300 by press time. Bitcoin’s market dominance continues to steadily grow, reported at 44.5 percent by press time.

Early morning March 19, Ethereum (ETH) also jumped in price to break above $500, after dropping below that mark March 18 for the first time since December 2017. ETH is now trading at around $532 and up almost 6 percent over a 24 hour period by press time.

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Source: CoinTelegraph

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Heres to hoping we can maintain that 7k support and break that resistance at 12k in april

Thanks for the updates :)

Thanks for the update

wow, that is good news, so its up, up and away now! lol

That good. Thanks for the info.

Thanks for the info..

nice to hear markets are starting to recover. thx for the update!

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Lets hope for a slow but steady recovery so not scare the Banks so much ....

That's pretty damn interesting.

nothing to worry if you are an investor for a long term. just HOdl until you hit the marked price.

Excellent post

greatly infromative thanks

Nice one, keep it up

Another interesting one, thanks for sharing this.

Wishing and hoping and praying for better days in crypto.

Wow nice info

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