Crypto Updates Week 49 - Monaco, Syscoin, District0x, Cardano/ADA, GameCredits, PotCoin & Komodo

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Welcome to an update of Crypto Escapades.
The cryptospace never stops evolving and developing so here is a recap of week 49 - (December 3th 2017 - December 10th 2017).


crypto escapades week 49 logo.png

Cryptocurrencies in this episode:



December 5th 2017

Monaco starts trading on 5 cryptocurrency exchanges.

monaco 5 exchanges.jpg

December 6th 2017

Over 30.000 Monaco cards have been reserved and it didn't stop there.


This screenshot was taken today December 10th of 2017. There are >33.000 reservations currently.


December 6th 2017

Development update about token issuance and masternodes.
Syscoin is adding a new token issuance service which will allow anyone to create a custom asset token.
They are testing masternodes on Testnet 3. The coredeveloper of Syscoin, Jag Sidhu, is working with the core developer of Dash to improve the masternodes.

masternodes update.png

Introduction of a seniority mechanism that increases ROI for long-term nodes.
Every 4 months will result in a 3% increase in ROI (return of investment) for a single masternode. The maximum ROI bonus is 27%, if the masternode is operational for 3 or more years.

roi masternodes.png

Syscoin it's governance and funding will be decided by the network, the masternode owners.
The DGBB (Decentralized Governance Blockchain Budget) system allows to vote for or against proposals and consists of three components: proposals, votes and budget.

decentralized governance.png

December 8th 2017

Blockmarket 1.1.3. released.
Added support for Bitcoin and ZCash “direct payments” in Blockmarket Desktop.


December 7th 2017

Decentraland (MANA) announces a partnership with Ethlance to assist in the growth and curation of a community of freelance 3d modelers, designers and developers.
Decentraland is offering a 1,000 MANA reward to the first 20 qualified designers who sign up for the Ethlance platform with the skill Scene Developer.


December 8th 2017

Development Update
GPlay (redesign)
Desktop Client

gamecredits client.png

GWallet (redesign on it's way)
and shutdown of the old wallet.

December 9th 2017

Japan's top pro esports team, DetonatioN Gaming has partnered with GNation.

gamecredits partner.jpg


December 4th 2017

Cardano is now on Korean exchange Coinnest.


December 6th 2017

PotCoin has sent Dennis Rodman on a humanitarian trip to Asia.

potcoin dennis rodman.jpg

Dennis Rodman has met Senator Dennis Rodriguez of Guam who just passed the medical marijuana bill. Further news about the trip will be announced the upcoming days.


December 7th 2017

BarterDEX release v0.7.3 beta is now available.
This BarterDex includes many graphical interface improvements, GUI features, charts, and latest marketmaker binaries.

barterdex release.png

This was an update of the news from the cryptocurrencies we bundled in our series Crypto Escapades. My website will be launched soon by the way, stay tuned! If you want a crypto handled and bundled, please let us know.

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