Different types of Cryptocurrency and their industry

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A list of the different sectors in crypto, and the projects in each. In no particular order.

PoW Currency: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin

PoS Currency: Decred, Peercoin, NEM (PoI)

Private Currency: Monero, Dash, Pivx, Bytecoin, ZCash, ZClassic, ZEN

Private Market: Particl

Private Communication: Mysterium

Interbank Settlement: Ripple, Stellar

Smart Contracts: Ethereum / Ethereum Classic / Expanse / Rootstock; Counterparty, Lisk, Tezos, Qbit, Aeternity, EOS, NEO, Stratis

BaaS: Stratis, Factom, NXT / Ardor

Social Media / Attention Economy: Steemit, Synereo, Incent, ReddCoin, DECENT, Akasha, Golos, TRON, Nexus, ONGSocial, Ties.Network

Prediction Market: Augur, Gnosis

Decentralized Exchange: Maker.Market, 0x, OpenANX, NVO, BitShares, Binance

Cloud Storage: Storj, Maidsafe, SIA, FileCoin

Cloud Computation: Golem, iExec

Media Content: SingularDTV, LBRY

Managed Funds: Iconomi, Melonport

p2p financial services (insurance, lending): WeTrust

Gaming / betting platform : GameCredits, Round, FirstBlood, PeerPlays, Edgeless, Wagerr, MobileGO

"Stable" coins: DigixDAO, Xaurum, Tether, MKR-DAI, Bancor

Knowledgebase: Lunyr

Crowdfunding : Wings, Starbase

Healthcare: Patientory

Music : Viberr, Artbyte, Soundchain, MusicCoin

Advertising : AdEx, BAT, AdChain

Renewable Energy: SolarCoin, PowerLedger

HR : Chronobank

Event Ticketing: EventChain, Aventus

Internet of Things : IOTA , WTC

E-Book Publishing : Authorship

Food Ecosystem/ Agriculture : Ambrosus, GrowChain

Student Jobs : BitJob

Telecommunications : Encryptotel, Ammbr

Crowdvouching : Suretly

E-Commerce Cashback : ProCurrency

Search Engine : PreSearch



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