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RE: Are Cryptocurrencies a Government Ruse to Introduce a Cashless Society?

Good thinking @wakeupsheep! I've been wondering myself: IF cryptocurrencies can liberate you from the control of governments and banks, they should be aware of it too. And they won't give up their control just like that. And what better way is there to control something than by fully embracing it?


Thanks @stortebeker! What's to stop the NY Fed from buying up half of bitcoin or steem and then manipulating it just like the precious metals? I'm going to be writing about the Exchange Stabilization Fund, very interesting stuff.

Right, makes you wonder who those whales are... or who they will be. Once institutions enter the game, our regular whales will go back to being minnows (albeit somewhat fat ones).

Wow, definitely makes you think, especially when you bring whales into the equation. The platform is essentially uncensored, unlike other social media. I wouldn't doubt there are some paid trolls on the platform who have 50k of government backing and are out to censor some folks that disagree with the status quo. If it's not happening yet, just wait.

Made sure to follow your account.

I really appreciate that @stortbeker. Thanks for having an interest in my post. I liked the way you introduced the post!

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