Just one of the reasons mining crypto is awesome

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As the ancient chinese proverb goes, the best way to get cryptocurrency is to make it yourself. ;-)

Typical conversion rates of fiat to crypto are around 4% from the greedy exchanges. You can save this by minting the coin yourself, brief explanation in the video - please forgive my accent and using youtube, havent figured out Dtube yet :-0

Peace out!

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Mining is good if you have low electricity fee and you live in the north where you dont have to use air conditioning to keep your hardware cool. your hardware has a limited life as well. ideally you should be mining and then use those mined currency to trade as well.

Yes exactly correct. I aim to run cards for a year and then convert them to gaming units and sell second-hand, that means the cards pay their costs twice then I can take advantage of residual value. Upvoted and followed.

Very inspiring! And you're accept is too good to apologise for! Sounds like you're just up the Jedburgh road from me?

Tell me this - how techie do I have to be to get the kit and start mining?

I can sell you a unit off the shelf that you just have to plug in... www.manicminer.tech I mean its not enormously complex to build yourself and if you have specific questions I can certainly help. the hard bit is the repetitive troubleshooting to get everything working initially. Once it's away the units I've got have been extremely reliable. I am down in sunny Ayrshire! Upvoted and followed.

Now THAT could work! Couldn't see any prices...?

$5799 in the currency of your choice. gauranteed 0.6 * buyback price for 18 months, lifetime licence of software. If you'll give me a review I'll knock off 10 percent, give you six months remote monitoring free, and I'll install it for you myself

Sounds excellent. Let me review finances after the New Year and come back to you. Thanks, @stingr4y

sounds good, enjoy the neersday festivities, my office number is 01413564777 if you want to have a chat.