You haven't heard anything critical because it's one huge echo chamber, they don't welcome critical thinking or being 'for the cause' they all just wanna make money like anyone who joins any old pyramid scheme.

So, after reading all this I converted all my Dash into Bitcoin, Litecoin, Z-cash and Steem. Wish me luck, eh.

good luck, you'll need it.

Smart move sir! The recent price rises have been rather inflated and the price is bound to reverse course before rising further, before the inevitable crash down the road when the entire house of cards starts to fall.

people are going to hate you for losing them a ton of money. you already dumped at half the current price and now you are creating new victims.

Current price was quite alright for me to sell. I made profit so i don't really care what happens to dash now.

What do you think of Amanda's role in all of this ? Is she deluded and fallen for the hype . She seems like a genuine person to me . love to hear your thoughts . I was keen of buying Dash but now after reading your article I will have to reconsider . Cheers

Back in the day, her Libertarian side took charge but after having a taste of the 'free money faucet" shes learned to keep her mouth shut and simply preach the praise of Dash to keep getting paid. I wouldn't go so far as to call her a scammer, but she sees the same issues I do with Dash and chose to blindly support the project, never asking a single hard hitting question. So much for a crypto reporter eh?

lol, the BTCtalk ann thread is totally uncensored and troll spam runs rampant there everyday. nobody is hiding anything.